Costco Kirkland Signature 10.0 (Product Information)

I’ll respond to a few of your questions. I don’t think having a t-coil program takes any more power, but I do think it uses one of your 4 additional programs. Even if you don’t have need of that many programs, it means an additional program to cycle through if one is using hearing aid buttons to access programs.

I think all the Bluetooth Profiles is just the way it works, related to the ability to pair with multiple Bluetooth devices. I don’t think (but don’t know) that it can be changed.

Regarding TV Bluetooth. The TVConnect is lower latency than standard Bluetooth. If you’ve connected directly to your TVs and latency isn’t an issue, no need for a TV Connect, but again I don’t think there’s the ability (or any benefit) to removing the TV Connect profile.

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How does one activate the T-coil feature? I asked my Costco HA tech to enable it when I got the HA’s but I don’t see a program selection for it in the Easy Line Remote app. And I know he didn’t assign a button to it, as the only thing he linked to a button is the restaurant program.

If he did (?) activated tcoil, when you click on the ^ to the right of Automatic…tcoil will show with resturants and such. I only wanted tcoil added to make it simple . to activate it I hold down the top button on my right aid. To return one more long push.
Adding a stick on magnet to your phone helps tcoil. I found them on ebay for 99 cents.

T-coil, so understand it, is fairly old technology that’s not deployed in very many places in the U.S., which is why it’s not activated by default. We used to go to a movie theater in CA that had it, but we’ve not been to ANY movie theaters in about a year and six months.

Thanks. It doesn’t show up for me so I guess he didn’t activate it, even though I asked him to. Something to add to the list for our next remote session.

Possibly a reason not to turn t-coil on:

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This forum has been very helpful for me - I have never had hearing aids before and I’ve figured out quite a lot reading through this entire section. I do have a question - I see people talking about custom molds for each ear. However, I didn’t get anything like that; I have a flexible piece that I think I’ll need to replace regularly. Is one necessarily better than the other? Should I request a custom earpiece?

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Depends a lot on your hearing loss and your ear canal. If your current earpieces (generally called domes) are comfortable and you’re hearing well and not having issues with feedback, there’s no need to go with custom molds. Custom molds allow a tighter seal which allows more gain to be delivered to the ear without generating feedback.


Charger malfunction - this morning I went to retrieve my aids from the KS charger and noticed one was rather loose. I normally have to tug them free. Then the loose aid started blinking yellow as it reconnected to the charging contacts. Easy Line Remote said it was at 62% with the other at 100%, so it had done some charging overnight as at end-of-day they’re usually around 40%. I wasn’t aware of it being loose when I put it in the charger last night.

For some reason, the blue thing that presses the aid to the contacts had come loose. I finished charging blue in the red slot.

Now it’s off to Costco to get a repair or replacement.

Something to watch for.

If there is a wait you could have this by tommorow. I just bought it for my cabin and works fine with ks10s.
Phonk marvil mini charger amazon prime $55 Phonak Mini Charger Case for Marvel Hearing Aids: Industrial & Scientific

Thanks. I have one already, but I will pester Costco for a loaner.

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I’m new to hearing aids, have mild to moderate age-related hearing loss, and have recently purchased the Kirkland KS-10’s. So far so good! I have very few problems or concerns. Maybe I’m easy to please, but I can hear now and the cost can’t be beat! I’m very determined to make things work and wear them every day from rising till bedtime.

I have my 3 week appointment next Thursday and am making my list for the technician. I decided to see a technician other than the one who fitted me because that technician was not very much into the app or anything tech related. And I think over the 3 years it will be good to see more than one person at Costco.

I’ve read a lot of this forum and am very happy to have this resource available to me. There is a wealth of knowledge here and I check daily to see what’s going on.

Thanks everyone for your posts and for the things I’ve been able to learn here. Looking forward to participating more as I build my question list.


Seems like they should be able to create a program for you to address this, but this might be a workaround: If you are streaming music or a podcast to the HA’s, the volume buttons on the HA’s don’t actually affect the streaming volume, they adjust the amount of “outside sound” amplification from the HA mic’s. I walk 3 miles each morning and sometimes on windy days the wind noise in my ears would completely drown out the podcast. Then I found out from this forum about the volume button’s true function while streaming and it has been terrific! Cuts down the wind noise and the noise from passing vehicles significantly. So, if they can’t program a function for you, maybe just stream some music or a podcast while you ride… :wink:

I can confirm Rogers Pen iN works with KS 10 and shows RogerDirect+mic program selected/activated in Easy Line remote.


I have been looking at the Roger Pen. Kept reading about needing a Software License in order for it to function. Did you buy yours new or used?

I think it’s interesting what you learn as you go along. I picked up KS 10.0 a week ago. I moved from the 8.0’s. One of the reason I wanted to change is so that I could use my Android phone and connect to the aids for using the phone and different things like that. I have since learned that when my aids are paired to the phone it works well. Except of course none of the custom programs will stick. That’s another matter. But I also learned that in the car, my phone does not send notifications to the car, it sends them to my aids. That’s ok except when my wife gets a call and we have to quickly disconnect the aids so she can take the call in the car. I have now gotten around that by using Tasker.
When I get in the car, it disconnects the aids automatically and connects to the car. When I exit the car, it shuts off the car connection and connects back to the aids. So far I like the aids but have another appointment next wednesday for some fine tuning.


Bought used from ebay comes with two licenses.Most of the sellers on ebay sell easy pen or pen 1.1 without licenses except two sellers

It’s very convenient if the device comes with preloaded licenses other wise it’s a hassle with x02 or x03 receivers and top of all Costco does not support Roger devices.

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If you buy a Roger Device that isn’t the iN. It’ll have the option of turning Bluetooth on and off. The only issue is that if you turn Bluetooth on, on the Pen 1.1, it’ll mess your programs up on your Aids so if you do get the Pen 1.1, don’t turn the Bluetooth on.

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An update on my initial review of my KS 10 hearing aids (post #541 dated May 4):

The problem with incoming phone calls routing to the aids just fine in the morning but after a few hours they no longer do so. And related, when this happened a double tap on the hearing aids would not longer “ding” to notify me that I could access the Google Assistant: This has been resolved (so far) by addressing some known Bluetooth issues with Android 11 on my Pixel 4XL phone. There were a couple of posts on this thread that lead me to research further and I found instructions for deleting all connections (Bluetooth and Wifi) from my phone, clearing the Bluetooth cache, etc., and while it was a bit of a pain to reconnect everything, these connection problems with my HA’s are completely resolved. I did find notes saying that you may have to do this every few days until Google fixes the actual problem, but mine have been fine for 4 days now. Of course I also received an Android 11 security update/patch the other day so it is possible that this update resolved the issue. Fingers crossed!

The problem with double tapping the right HA to answer a call being very hit and miss seems to have resolved itself. If I had to guess, I’d guess that it was related to the Bluetooth issue, as it “resolved itself” about the same time I did the Bluetooth fix. Double tapping both the right and left HA’s has been very reliable since.

The problem with changes made in the Easy Line Remote app not sticking was resolved with the information given by @outfall (post #569). Changes now stick and the app is actually useful. Note that his instructions were for his Samsung phone. For the Google Pixel phone see my post #575.

Another problem not listed in my original post was that when listening to podcasts on my morning walks, the podcasts would get drowned out by the noise of traffic passing by or wind blowing in my ears. Again @outfall came to my rescue (Post #566) by sharing that while streaming, the volume up/down buttons on the HA’s do not actually adjust the streaming volume, although at first impression it seems that that’s what they do. What the buttons actually do during streaming is to decrease (volume up button) or increase (volume down button) the amount of external noise that the HA’s mics pic up. To change the actual volume of what is being streamed you have to use the volume controls on the phone itself. This has been a HUGE improvement and has made listening to the podcasts pleasant rather than frustrating. I start the podcast, run the volume up button all the way up, and enjoy the podcast on my walk with little intrusion from outside noise. Note that I was pleasantly surprised when I found that double tapping my left ear to pause the stream automatically puts the mic’s back to their original setting. This is great for when you stop to talk to someone and need the mics to be fully functional again. When you double tap to resume the stream it reverts back to the “muted mic” setting. Very slick! And also thanks to @Sam2k21 (post #568) for posting the related instructions, which I did not receive with my HA’s.

So, first of all, kudos and many thanks to @outfall for his input that resolved 2 of my major frustrations!

Secondly, I am actually now quite happy with the KS 10 HA’s. I still have to work with my Costco HA tech to address a few sound quality issues (my old Oticons currently still sound better), but now that all of the technology actually works (phone calls, streaming, double tap control, and even the much maligned Easy Line app), I am actually loving the HA’s. Which is a big statement for me because having used HA’s for the past 8+ years (Costco Rextons, Oticons, and now the KS 10’s) I have always hated HA’s and have considered them only a necessary evil. But this new technology is so amazing and helpful that even if I never get the sound qualtiy to match my old Oticons, I’d never switch back (the Oticons only supported Android connectivity with a separate dongle that you wear around your neck, which I was unwilling to do).

So, I’ve pretty much gone from “I’m probably going to return these at the end of my eval period” to “Nope, I’m not returning them”. Yes, I can find HA’s with the same connectivity and maybe better sound quality, but probably not for anywhere near the $1,399 of the KS 10’s. My Oticons were $7,500, but I was still working at the time and most of that was covered by my insurance. I’m on my own now and I’ll never pay anywhere near that much for HA’s again.

So, thanks mainly to help from this forum, things are now working exremely well. It’s still a bit disconcerting that my Costco HA tech had absolutely no idea of any of these fixes. But I will be sharing them with him at our next appointment so maybe he can be better prepared to help future customers.


There have been many comments about saving settings.
I usually reduce the volume one step on the Automatic setting. If I then save as Custom Program 1, in the morning my aids start with Custom Program 1 and volume is -1.