Costco Juna 9 IICx telecoil

Purchased a pair of Costco Juna 9 IICx not to long ago. First time wearer. Went back for several rounds of adjustment but specialists just can’t seem to get it right. Sound is always muffled and I’m having issues even understanding some people standing right in front of me (not to mention noisy environments; better off taking them out).

I have a Soundgate and recently found out that the telecoil function can be turned on even when there’s clearly no induction loop installed anywhere. (e.g. outside, in the car). However when I have the telecoil function on, it does “open up” the sound (maybe more mid and high frequencies?). There’s some infrequent random static and beeps with telecoil on (probably because there’s no loop installed), but overall with the telecoil turned on I’m hearing better than any of the preset programs. I’ve asked the hearing aid specialist why this is and to recreate/copy the telecoil settings into the automatic program. Specialist has no idea and so far unable to help. Specialist doesn’t even believe the Juna 9 IICx is telecoil capable.

Has anyone had this happen to them? Any thoughts?

I’d ask if you could have the company rep present. If I remember correctly, Junas are Bernafons, but not the current generation, so not too sure what you mean by “not too long ago.” Have they ever worked well for you? If so, when and what changed? Might also want to consider sending them back to factory for repair.

In terms of Bernafon IICs, Costco only has it in the Juna 9 (the platform is a couple of years old I believe). But mine are still within the 180 trial day period.

They’ve never really worked well…

Unless you forsee things getting a lot better, I’d take them back for a refund.

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I also have a pair of Bernafon Juna 9 IICx (after starting with the non-streaming IIC). For me, the critical issue was venting, and how the aids were cutting back on the gain to prevent feedback. Eventually, I went for no vents (totally occluded) and the sound is much clearer. Despite concerns about reverberation with unvented hearing aids, the deep fit seems to prevent it.

What is your loss? Try asking to have the feedback management turned off at your next visit. If you get lots of feedback, it means you’re not getting the gain you need. Ask about plugging the vents.

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