Costco Hearing Test

I had my hearing test at Costco Memphis today. I currently wear 6 year old Starkey Halo 2 i2400 RIC 13 HAs.

The HIS recommended Costco KS-10.0 with closed domes and Phillips MNR T R -9030 with the newer open bass domes. I tried both in the store and found that I liked the Phillips clarity, microphone directionality, comfort of the vented domes.

The KS-10’s had more noise and a mysterious background tone that may have been the result of the refrigeration equipment in the rear of the store. The full (power domes) made my ears feel plugged. Obviously, these were base settings without the benefit of additional tweaks.

I will be ordering the Phillips 9030 which gives me the option of rechargeable or standard batteries. I prefer the standard batteries over rechargeable. We camp alot and not having to recharge every night is a real benefit. I like that Costco has a 180 day return period.

I would appreciate any feedback on the suitability of these aids to my audiogram (severe-profound SN loss), battery choice or anything else regarding the reliability of these aids and the associated HearLink App (iPhone).

Thank you,

You have a mild to severe ski slope loss. You don’t reach profound at all.

These Aids should work well for your loss.

I have the HearLink 9030’s and my HIS switched from Open Bass Domes to Double Vented closed domes following the recommendation of the fitting software. The open bass Domes were fine initially, but were VERY difficult to hear speech with when in a noisy environment because the noise from the restaurant leaked into the aids while the aids were also adding speech enhancement. It was a double whammy forcing me to mute the aids.

Once my new (2nd) HIS noticed that the fitting software suggested switching to closed domes my noise issues are gone.

Although your Costco HIS offered you the open bass domes to try, I suspect once the HIS does the full setup with the Philips fitting software it will suggest the same change I received - because your loss appears to be greater than mine…just my suggestion.

One of this Forum’s gurus previously mentioned losses greater than 40 db @ 2000 hz might benefit from switching from open to closed domes and my results verify this suggestion.

Good Luck!

Interesting. I have limited experience with closed domes. I’m looking forward to the post-delivery fittings. So far, I’m impressed with the experience with the Costco fitter. I’ve asked some challenging questions and he has responded with confidence.