Costco hearing aids- resound versus rexton versus phillips

Hi everyone, I am trying to decide which to purchase from costco. These are the three brands that work for my level of hearing loss. Costco used to carry phonak, but now they only have the kirkland ones made by phonak and they use regular batteries and I want rechargeable.
So the cost is pretty similar with the rexton being about three hundred less.
anyone have an opinion? Thanks so much.

I have the KS8’s which are very similar to the Rexton Adore Li but are not rechargeable. They are very capable aids and are similar (if not identical) to the Signia 7Nx aids. I like the Own Voice Processing they have along with the closed click sleeves. They work best with an iPhone for wireless streaming. I like the control app, and find the microphone focus works well.

I don’t know much about the ReSound aids, other than I tried them briefly in the store. They didn’t sound immediately different to me. My fitter says the ReSound app is more sophisticated than the Rexton app.

On price be careful to clarify whether the recharger is included or not in the aid prices. I recall the Phillips aids include the charger, but the Rexton one does not, you pay extra. Not sure about the ReSound.