Costco Hearing Aids - Models, Features, Prices, and Reviews

We are finally putting together a brand page for Costco. I plan to add a lot more detail to this, but welcome your feedback!


The Resound Preza Aids now stream directly from some Android 10 phones.I have a Pixel 3A XL and have been enjoying the streaming for a while now. The battery life is affected quite a bit however.

Thanks will update. Guess that makes sense given the Quattro and Livio are also now streaming via ASHA.

There are reports that the ks9 now has a telecoil option according to the long thread here.

Interesting. I will ask @dave_copithorne to confirm.

Pretty sure @rasmus_braun confirmed. It sticks with the 312 battery.

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Does any Costco HA have tinnitus masking feature?

Not officially, but it’s pretty easy to put a tinnitus app on your phone and stream background noise.

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I asked this in our Facebook group and folks confirmed it over there too, so going to update the article now.


@capthr, Good news! I am reading of problems keeping Android pones paired and other connection annoyances. Have you experienced any of that with the Pixel 3aXL? I have a Pixel 3a and am very interested in your experience. Thanks!

Keep us posted. I can’t say enough good things about my new KS9 hearing aids. Life changing!

True-- I got the coil in mine. Be sure to specify it-- it may not be standard. Price was the same.

Yes, I am experiencing loss of Bluetooth connection frequently, the phone shows them as being connected but the app doesn’t. When the app says they are not connected Im unable to do anything within the app until I shutdown and restart app. It has been worse since their latest update. The streaming from Spotify or Netflix etc and phone calls has been very good but from other apps like navigation it is hit and miss, this includes video calls on Facebook messenger or Google Duo. Also the app sometimes switches me to the all-around preset from one of m I favorites. Also battery life has been diminished quite a bit.

@ capthr
Thanks for sharing your experience, sounds like they are gaining on it but not quite there yet. Very disappointing.

I know that Pixels were the first to be able to use this functionality and now my husband can use his Costco Resound Prezas with his Samsung Galaxy S10e (Android 10, February Security Patch)for phone calls (and I guess streaming but he hasn’t tried that).
What I want to ask you is during a phone call, does the sound come through both hearings aids or just one side? I vaguely remember the hearing specialist asking my husband which ear he prefers when talking on the phone but not sure if she asked him when he bought the KS9’s (and returned) or when being fitted for the Prezas.
Thanks in advance…

The sound comes through both aids

my audiologist at costco informed me that the streaming update is available for my resound preza. although the list did not have the pixel2XL the requirements are android 10 and BT5 which i have. i updated the smart 3d app to V 1.7 and saw the streaming listed on the app. played a youtube clip and heard it on my HA and then could not get it to stream again. weird