Costco Hearing Aid Recomendations

OK wife and I have had a Come to Jesus meeting and agreed to a budget of $2000 for a hearing aid for myself. It has been a struggle and with our limited budget, really limits option to either Costco or Audicus. As the title implies Costco is my choice. Now having said that I have done enough research and being an Electrical Engineer I have narrowed down type and features I am looking for. Although some of my terms might not be correct, a good fit for me is BTE, Open RIC model. I know there are a few different names for it, but you get the idea. I still am working and spend a lot of time on a Cell Phone, so Blue Tooth is a feature I will need. I also do some video conferencing to further justify the Blue Tooth.

OK I know there are some pro’s on this site and experienced users. I know nothing about the brands and model. I know Siemens from being an EE, but most of the rest are not familiar to me. I have attached my full test results. My first thought was a Kirkland KS6. I think it meets my needs, but then it occurred to me not to go to Costo with Tunnel Vision because they do have other brands which is where I can use some help to select some other candidates.

Your budget says KS6

$2000 will get you the KS6 with the added BT device. You’re other option is about $800 more with the Rexton Trax42 that has a promo for a free BT device. You can do a store walk-around with both aids and discuss things then.

Thanks, that is what I was afraid of.

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Thanks, that is what I was afraid of.

What were you afraid off?

With a $2000 budget the KS6 was my one and only option.

The KS6 is not a bad option. I’ve worn Resounds for several years; they are nice. I opted for the Rexton Trax 42 this time around at Costco’s recommendation largely because they have more power with the 70dB receivers. But the KS6, a Resound product is a fine instument.

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The KS6 is not a bad option. I’ve worn Resounds for several years; they are nice. I opted for the Rexton Trax 42 this time around at Costco’s recommendation largely because they have more power with the 70dB receivers. But the KS6, a Resound product is a fine instument.

Thank you John, that makes me a little more comfortable. I have done a lot of research, and yes I know the KS6 is a good HA and meets my needs and wants. Costco list the price on the internet for the KS6, but not any of the others, only a range for all others. So I thought I would ask here to see if there were any others based on experience with Costco.

Anyway I have an appointment at Costco tomorrow. Thanks again.

Keep this is mind. KS is cheaper because Costco wants it that way, not because it is inferior. When I bought my Resound Futures they were NOT branded KS. So I paid $3000 for the Resounds. Now, Resound’s newest is branded as KS. The KS6 is much better for $2000, than the Resounds I bought 4 years ago for $3000.


the Bernafon Juna 7 is well in your price-range, too. Juna 9 is a bit above that.

People reading here a lot know that I´m a bernafon fan, but I also know that there are lots of people who just don´t get along well with them.

In case you want to try, you might want to ask your fitter to

  • use nal-nl2 fitting
  • set the soft-noise-manager to zero

The last point is important: I see that you have good natural hearing for low frequencies. If you turn on the soft noise manager, it will cut off the very soft noises. But you will hear the lower frequency part of those noises anyway, so it results in a permanent change of sound for very soft noises.

The nal-nl2 fitting is a matter of taste, I like it much better than the proprietary formula by bernafon.

The plus:

  • in my experience excellent sound quality
  • excellent for soft speech
  • excellent for music

The average:

  • speech in noise performance is better with rexton trax 42, but in my opinion still good when you get used to it

the bad:

  • additional neckloop for streaming needed
  • streaming only mono

I guess that bernafon will sound quite different from the ks6, so it might be a good option to get a second impression.

Good luck!

A few years ago Rexton was the “Kirkland Signature” manufacturer (most recently the KS4), and the comparable Resound Futures were several hundred dollars more expensive.

Thanks and YES I know that. Costco is using buying power, and has a lot of leverage much like Wally World. I do know Costco uses Resound as their manufacture. Speaking of Wally World I wonder why that have not entered the market. That would really shake up the market, fundamentally change it, and a stop the fraud. It happened to the Eye Glasses sector and made eye glasses affordable. Same thing appears to be happening to HA’s.

Are you speaking of the KS6? Or Bernafon?

You and I have some common ground, musicians. I am not a professional musician. Now days just play guitar and sing at church. I am a Electrical Engineer by profession, but in my late teens and early 20’s did a bit of work as a recording engineer at a studio in Tulsa OK. Use to see some big names in those days in Tulsa when Leon was still around.

What is really interesting or kind of crazy is I have In-Ear Monitors I use for stage work at the church as all the members of the band use. Mine are custom made (molded) and do anything a HA can do. Cost me all of $400 for a wireless model. Otherwise off the rack are $200ish.

Off-topic - Just poking my head in to say that I’m envious because Leon Russell is my hero - saw him open for Procol Harum at the Fillmore West - fantastic show from an immaculate musician & entertainer. Long live Leon!

Oh, and Costco’s been good to me with my Rexton Trax 42s. Your audiogram looks similar to mine, other than my loss being a bit more severe. HAs have really improved my ability to understand speech in environments such as conference rooms and noisy restaurants. Whatever make or model you choose I hope you enjoy your HAs as much as I enjoy mine.


I was referring to the bernafon juna (I use the bernafon juna 9), I have never tried the KS6.

With that background, you really should try a bernafon aid, they are often great for musicians and people with musical ears.

The rexton is likely to give distortion when you sing in a choir, especially when the sopranos are giving their best.

I have never tried the KS6, as I said before.

When you try bernafon, be sure to ask the fitter to turn off soft-noise-management, use (or try) nal-nl2 fitting, add the live-music program for singing in your choir.

In case you have more questions regarding a bernafon aid, feel free to ask!

Good luck!

Edit: Sorry, I saw that I said that before with soft-noise and so on. But it´s important, it took me quite a while to figure this out! My audi didn´t know.

Thanks again. Not sure a hearing aid matters when I am on stage playing and singing. I would not wear it. I would be using my In-Ear Monitors which runs through a 12 band EQ.

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Thanks again. Not sure a hearing aid matters when I am on stage playing and singing. I would not wear it. I would be using my In-Ear Monitors which runs through a 12 band EQ.

You use your in-ears when singing in a choir? Do you alwas perform and rehearse with microphones on, or where do you get the sound for your in-ears?

Choir? It is a 7 piece band that plays Contemporary Christian music. I play lead guitar and back up vocals.

My feed is from the Mixer Board with a Graphic EQ on my feed. All performances use microphones. Rehearsals are hit and miss. When at church is plugged in. At homes is acoustic unplugged. I really do not have a problem playing acoustic. It is a new church with state of the art lighting, A/V. The auditorium is designed and built like a modern theater. On stage I need the In-ears because the PA is above and in front of us. All of us need the In-Ears as there is no floor monitors.

Sorry, I read “I sing in church” and thought you sing in a choir. Here in germany there are seldom bands in church, it´s more old-fashioned, I think.

If you have a good eq, the in-ears will probably serve you well.

No problem. Here in the USA we call that Traditional with an organ or piano, Choir singing hymns. You see that mostly in Catholic and Protestant churches. I belong to a Bible Church and we have two services, one at 9:30 is Traditional for those who prefer that style of worship, and the second at 11:15 is Contemporary. If you are unfamiliar with Contemporary the music is more like a rock/blues band. Depending on who is in town at the time we can have up to 13 piece band. The basic band is Lead Guitar, 1 or 2 Rhythm Guitar, Bass guitar, keyboards, drums, trumpet, trombone, sax and percussion. We do about 20 minutes to open a service. Second Sunday of the month we also close with 45 minutes to an hour doing whatever we want along as it does not cross the line with the membership. We cut loose with some pretty lively stuff from Classic Rock, R&B, Blues, Country, and some Hip Hop when we get an urge and a large presence of youth around. A few of the band members are professional musicians like our part time drummer David Teegarden, and Steve Pryorwho shows up with David and kick me to Rhythm guitar.