Costco HAs and ReSound Linx Quattro

First post. Have been lurking for the past few months and trying to learn as much as possible before my first test, now scheduled for next week at Costco, which leads to some questions. Specifically, I am interested in knowing more about the ReSound Linx Quattro units that are sold at Costco, how new (or old) the technology is, and if they are recommended by those who have them. I do not want to be victim of an uninformed decision.

FYI, my hearing loss becomes most noticeable with noisy environments and high pitched speech. At a recent conference it was very difficult to make out what the person sitting across from me was saying. Am also an Android phone user.

There is a loooong thread on the forum regarding the Costco KS-9 units, which I would consider. Yesterday, the audiologist (?) at Costco was pointing me instead to the ReSound Linx Quattro which they also sell (more $$), as it has more programming options than the KS-9 units, and more up to date.

Price aside, I want to purchase something that is current state of the art, and not purchasing something that is about to be replaced. I don’t read many recent posts regarding the Quattro units. Per the Costco guy, these are new units as of mid-2019 (but it is not clear if this was a hardware and/or a software update).

If Resound or someone else is coming out in the next few months or early next year with a new (improved) unit, I could easily wait.


If you posted your audiogram it would help people give better feedback. All of the current aids at Costco are based on hearing aids that have been around awhile, so there’s always a chance that a new model will be coming out. IF direct streaming to an Android phone is important to you, the Marvel is THE choice at Costco. The big advantage of Resound aids in my opinion is the availability of the Resound MultiMic. It’s a remote microphone that can help considerably with Speech in Noise. You really can’t go wrong with Costco as you’ve got 6 months to make up your mind (assuming you’re in US)
So: 1) You’re audiogram would really help (Log in and click on MY AUDIOGRAM at top of page) and 2) what your priorities are.

As far as Costco’s older aids, I think their Rexton aids and Phonak branded ones (not KS9) are their oldest and more likely to be replaced.

Expect to do so once I get my testing done next week.

What I am questioning is how old the ReSound Linx Quattro model is. I see it announced as of Aug 2018. The Costco guy said it was updated this summer (software?). However, IF the ReSound Linx Quattro is going to be replaced within 6 months or so, I could just wait.

I agree with MDB. Try one or more HA’s at Costco and see which one works best for you. It’s important to keep in mind that getting HA’s is not going to guarantee that they help you overcome speech-in-noise issues. Depending on your hearing loss, you might need additional help in really bad speech-in-noise situations, like a remote microphone (MDB mentioned the Multi Mic for ReSound devices and there is the Roger Pen and related for Phonak devices). The relative affordability and availability of such devices if you need them could influence your purchasing decision. Then there are just places where it’s extremely difficult to hear, even for a normal hearing person. Until you try some HA to begin with, you won’t know where you might want to go from there.

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Relative to your question about a Quattro update, even if ReSound issued an update, it would be a while before Costco got it’s in-house version of such an updated model, if Costco ever did. The ReSound Prezas (Costco’s somewhat defeatured version of the Quattro’s, came out almost a year after the Quattro’s, same with the KS9 version of the initial Phonak Marvel release and it looks like Costco’s KS9’s will not acquire the features of Marvel 2.0. Maybe Costco will have a new Marvel 2.0 based HA somewhere down the line but that would be an example where an update direct from an HA OEM does not guarantee it will percolate down to Costco.

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