Costco delays

It looks like Costco is experiencing some delays. The first available appointment was two weeks out for me. I went through the testing, ordered KS9’s and was told it would be two weeks for the KS9’s to arrive. Received a call on Friday and was told it would take another two weeks as the manufacturer hasn’t been able to keep up with orders. So, I have to wait another two weeks.

Last weekend, I found out my brother-in-law was going through the same process. He had a trial version of $6,000 hearing aids. Through me, he learned about Costco. He returned his trial version and scheduled an appointment with his Costco (he lives in another state). His initial appointment was booked one month out. That was the earliest available appointment. He is retired and could make any day.

Looks like Costco’s good reputation is driving business towards them and creating some delays. Funny thing, is now that I really know my hearing is an issue, I’m really noticing it much more and getting frustrated.

If you are going through Costco, expect it to take a little more time than normal.

I believe that is kind of par for the course when Costco releases a new Kirkland Signature model. There is a big rush to get them, but then it gets better as supply catches up to demand. Compared to paying $6000 for a pair, it is probably worth the wait.


What I’ve gotten from my audiologist is that both Oticon OPN S and Phonak Marvel are in high demand and they’ve been told to expect a week further delay after ordering from a typical couple week delay. Also apparently there is typically a “Christmas rush” this time of year. So, it’s not just Costco, and if you have a selection of Costcos to choose from, you may be able to shorten the wait for an appointment.

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Oticon supply chain is knackered at the moment due to the DeMant ransomware attack last month. There are delays all the way through the whole chain.

ITE orders are badly affected here, but there’s been issues with equipment and BTE orders too.


Dement had an attack of their system and it basically shut them down and a a cost of about 95 million