Costco Canada hearing clinic

:DWell….I went to Costco Downsview warehouse with great trepidation and figuring that this would be a total waste of time. I met with Mitra Simi the HIS and Anna the Audi. They were both very enthusiastic and were very keen to fit me with SEVERAL HA’s. I was with them for 3 hours at their pressing; asking me if I had time to continue. They tried out three products programmed to my audiogram bilaterally. They really seemed to appreciate my knowledge based on my research to date and my (good) experiences with ListenUp! Canada. I was amazed at the difference in sound and speech to noise performance in the different models. I ended up preferring the cheapest one namely the Unitron Next 16 BTE fitted to my fully occluded molds; it also comes with a remote. I was totally blown away at how clear the speech was and how well the noise was dampened in the noisy environment in the Costco warehouse. They tried getting me into an open ear fitting but I could not stand the itchy feel that the domes produced along with the fact that I need occluded molds to protect me from loud noise such as disco music. The Next 16 made my Tego Pro’s sound like analogs; total crap. To top it all the total cost for two BTE’s including the remote and 2 years service/warranty/one lost replacement per ear, was……$1800!!! They have a ninety-day return policy with no withheld deposit if I don’t like them. I have not bought them yet as my ADP third anniversary does not occur until end of July. So in a word, I was shocked at how good they were.