Costco Brio 5, information please?

On a recent visit to Costco. I saw what appear to be Pronak Brio 5. I was possibly wrong, but it seemed too big. Could someone bring information on this Brio 5, and maybe some comparison to Brio 4 and Resound Jabra?

From the Phonak Brio 5 web page it appears that the aid is a BTE model for severe to profound loss that uses a 675 battery. That would explain the size.

Hello, thank you for the answer. Yes, I noticed the length of the battery. I have used Costco Jabra with 13 in battery but never 675; I know they are much larger. I’m in the market immediately to buy a pair and have the ones I have as a backup. Furthermore, I am moderate to profound. Costco Brio 5 caught my eye and I want to avoid leaving it without considering what they offer.

I am sure for many, the length is a point, but I would like to enrich my material to decide. so far, I have considered Costco Brio 4.

I mean, I am one of those who isn’t concerned about magnitude if they allow me to continue and introduce myself into a socially active life!

The Costco Brio 5 is a BTE Aid with ear hook, thick tubing and ear moulds.

Is the Costco Jabra a RIC Aid?

The Jabra is a RIC aid.

My take is that Brio 5 is a bit overkill for your loss unless you tolearate a lot more gain than typical. What are your word recognitions scores like? Have you ever been evaluated for cochlear implant?

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MDB, thank you for your response. In some two days, I am going to update my last audi-test. However, I remember the current year I was better than 2020 on the word recognition, close to 85.

One Audi at Costco already told me Brio 5 is too much for me. My point is; I have been spending two continuous years on HAID, if this 2021 I get something a little more solid to allow me to go with confidence to 2024. The one I have right now, Costco Resound Preza has no complaints, but I want them as a backup.

With the information I have, looks like Brio 4 would be enough for me. If that is true, I just want to know about Jabra vs Brio 4.

KS10 would be similar style to your Jabra. (Both are RIC (receiver in canal) Brio 4 and 5 are both BTE I believe. 85 is great word recognition score. I’m guessing Costco will come out with replacements for KS10 and Jabra sometime next year.

The Jabra was just released in June, after the ReSound One was released in August of 2020. I think it’ll be 2023 before there’s a Jabra successor.

The KS 10 was released in April. The KS 9 was released in June 2019. Again, I would think the KS 11 won’t be out until 2023.

If your hearing loss has stabilized the Brio 4 is plenty hearing aid for your loss.

You have not mentioned using frequency lowering. Your loss might be a great fit for it.

I don’t know about Jabra, but KS10 tends to be on about a 18 month cycle which would make November of 2022 a good guess. Who will make it is anybody’s guess.