Costco Brio 3 vs KS8



Brio 3 is similar to the Audeo B (not the Direct) Direct uses a different chip (the SWORD chip) Also the Brio 3 does not have the tinnitus feature that Audeo B does. Similar to the Audeo B, yes, but not the same. Quite different than Audeo B Direct.


Thanks for the clarification. Sounds like the Costco Phonak is a model year older or perhaps a similar product with a few less features. This is making my choice more educated for sure. KS8, Brio 3 or Resound Forte.


Just for other readers passing by…the Phonak B is current. The Brio3 seems to be from the B. The Phonak B Direct is on its own distinct from the other B’s. (other than the sister company)
The Brio3 doesn’t have any direct iphone connectivity unlike the KS8 and Forte if that matters to you. Costco also has a bernafon Zerena which has direct iphone.


I had an opportunity to try the Forte in store. The ability to tweak settings on the android app is the best I’ve seen & heard! The KS8 had some similar app features but at a more basic level. KS 8 had a single slider to adjust bass or treble. Forte had 3 independent bands for low , mid & high. Seemed like lots more functions to tweak on the Forte over the KS8. I did not get a chance to actually hear the KS8 product but was really impressed with the forte.


I started with the Resound (over a long weekend) then switched to the KS8s. I liked the KS much better! I could distinguish speech better plus the batteries are on their 8th day. The Resound lasted only 3 days. They both used type 13 batteries.