Costco Brio 2 BTE w 13 battery compared to Brio 2 BTE w 675 battery

I currently am doing a trial on the Costco Brio 2 BTE with battery size 13. They have plenty of power however the audi has not been able to program for better speech understanding and now the speech understanding is not as good as my Phonak Naida Q90 BTE with 13 battery. The Brio 2 has the newer V platform which is suppose to offer better speech understanding than the older Q platform. The area Costco HA rep suggested I do a trial of the Brio 2 with the 675 battery and stated it had several additional features in addition to having more power which I do not need. Is anyone familiar with the additional features the Brio 2 BTE with 675 battery has in addition to more power than the Brio 2 BTE with the 13 battery?

Thanks in advance

I always thought they had the same features but I’m thinking now I could be wrong.

Let’s see what others say.

Take thhe Naida with you next visit and have her copy the setting and try them on another program spot. If that works better move to automatic.

Thanks for your reply however Costco HA will not touch any Phonak hearing aid even though the Naida Q 90 BTE with 13 battery is very similar with only a couple of features that the Costco Brio BTE with 13 battery. Only Costco HA. can be programed etc. at Costco.

I’m surprised that they can’t read what the settings are on one model and program their model to match.

Have you purchased HA at Costco? Do you know of a Costco HA dept that has done what you suggest. I believe that Costco will not do any adjustments etc on a non Costco HA. They can only program Costco HA. Other non Costco audios do not have the program information for the Costco HA unless they might have worked for Costco in the past.

Maybe I am misunderstanding something. The suggestion is to ask Costco if they can read the settings on your

so they can help program the settings on the Brio 2’s

The product information for the Brio 2 is posted in the forum here: Costco Phonak Brio 2 (Product Information)

If they won’t read it, ask them to have the regional HA manager contact you. The fitter isn’t programming other aids; they are just reading them. Costco is good at satisfying customers. I am sure the regional boss will see it your way.

The Costco regional or area manager met with me and the store audi for 2 hours on Monday of this week. The Phonak HA - Naida Q 90 BTE were discussed a she offered nothing. She was suppose to be the expert but did not seem to be.
My original question was about what features the Costco Brio 2 BTE with 675 battery offered besides additional power when compared to the Brio 2 BTE with 13 battery. My 6 month trial is ends in a little over a month so I need to decide whether to turn them current ones in and get $ paid back and then order the Brio 2 BTE with 675 battery and start a new trial period.

This is just speculation as there’s no direct info on what models the Costco Brio 2s are. My speculation is that the 13s you have are Bolero V BTEs and that the 675s are Nadia V BTEs as Boleros aren’t offered in a 675 and the Nadia Vs are. I don’t have an easy way to compare features between the Boleros and Nadias but I’m pretty sure they use a different chip as the Nadia Vs are supposed to have Phonak Sound Recover 2. Definitely not an answer to your question, but might help you sort it out.

There’s 2 versions of Naidas so I expect the Brio 2 with 13 battery is the Naida SP and the Brio 2 with 675 battery is the Naida UP so they should have the same features.

Perhaps. Like I said, it’s all speculation. I’d argue that since the Nadia Vs are not available in the 312 battery size, but the Boleros are that it would make sense that the 312s and 13s are Boleros and the 675 is the Nadia, but who knows. I doubt Costco knows and nobody from Phonak is likely to say in that they claim the Costco models are different than mainstream Phonak ones.

I don’t know if you can but the Bolero SP and the Naida SP have different fitting ranges. Maybe you could tell from the fitting ranges?

Sorry for not giving more complete info on my current (2 year old) and Costco trial HA.

1 - Current HA is Phonak Naida Q90 BTE with 13 battery. This is the Q Platform. Phonak currently shows a Naida V90 BTE SP with a 13 battery (on the website) The Costco Brio 2 is similar with just a couple fewer features in both a 13 battery and a slightly larger BTE with a 675 battery.

The Phona Naida Q 90 BTE with a 675 battery was also the Costco Brio BTE with 675 battery. Today the Brio 2 BTE with 675 battery uses the V Platform which offers better battery life and better speech understanding along with a few other features - one of which is when driving with the driver window down there is much less noise from the wind.

That’s a good thought, but I don’t have access to the Brio 2 fitting ranges. All I see on the product info that Rasmus posted was gains of 60, 70 and 80 for 312, 13 and 675 respectively. If anybody can supply those, I’d be happy to compare to Bolero V and Nadia V fitting ranges.

I will be seeing the Costco aud in a couple of hours and will confirm back to you that the Brio 2 V is 70 with the 13 battery and 80 with the 675 battery.

I would need more than that. I would need to see the actual fitting range in that Phonak Bolero V and Nadia V info doesn’t list it as simple gain. From just a casual glance at the Bolero V’s fitting ranges, I’d call the 312 a 75 and the 13 an 80. The Nadia V’s 13 looks more like a 100!

If you’re sure the Brio II SP is the Naida SP then there is no difference in the Brio II SP and Brio II UP apart from power. There’s no additional features in the UP.

I don’t think we’re sure of anything. A possibility is that Brio 2 SP is similar to the Bolero V SP and I believe there’s differences between the Bolero V and the Nadia V. If somebody is going to ask Costco, ask if they can print out something that compares the features.

I asked today about scanning other aids. I was told they can only scan their products and are not allowed to install other fitting software.

If that is the case, I would ask if they have a local friend that could scan the #'s for them. It is a close profession.