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I had my last hearing test 9 years ago and was told that I could use hearing aids, but I could wait on them. Well I have waited long enough, I am ready to stop asking people to repeat what they say and being left out of conversations in crowd situations. A friend of mine has recommended an audi, that I will be calling later this week; but I wanted to try Costco first, since I know I can count on them to have a very good product at a reasonable price. They have three brands. Rexton, Bernafon and Interton. Rexton, which I have found on this forum is owned by Siemens, is the only brand I have seen any posts on. Are the other brands good brands? I am thinking I would like the BTE open fit design. I have been researching like crazy, but would like get some thoughts on these brands.

bernafon is own by william demant (aka> Oticon second largest maker of hearing aid) in fact some of the aids, look identical…
You could try a Bernafon Brite… brand new it should resemble an Oticon Delta.

What I do like about bernafon is that they have remote controls for their hearing aids something Oticon has never believed…

Rexton products are quite similar to those of siemens so as you can see
those choices are good


Thank you so much for your quick response. That is great news about Bernafon. I believe from previous posts I have read of yours that you do prefer Oticon’s; but I don’t remember reading about the Delta’s. I will check out the Bernafon Brite. I don’t know if either of the brands are better for tinitus, but the audi should be able to help with that. Thanks again.

While I have not seen the actual instrument myself, this is what i suspect
It would be highly likely that the Brite and the Delta are built using the same platform or chip set, what I know for sure it is different is the fitting software,
it is not clear what fitting formula it would use, in the case of Delta Oticon uses voice align compression and clarity which suppose to be optimize for high frequency losses (i have not seen any studies of how this measures against other fitting formulas, hence I can not say it is better than this or that).
One has to remember that the Delta is not a new instrument, it been around for 2-3 years hence some of the new instruments that are similar have other interesting features, for example
the Brite has a remote control and a push buttom for programs (so does the Audeo)… So i think that there are definite advantages of buying a novel instrument in the market…
While I have contact with Oticon there are other good instruments that I would also explore - Phonak has a cheaper audeo (batery 312 is good), Unitron which is a syster company has the moxy which seems prety good.
Resound pulse is another interesting intrument and ofcourse Siemens and Rexton are brands you should also consider…

I would tend to think most of this would help to mitigate your tinitus…
Buy the way, there is a company name Neuromonics which sells a very good
tinitus treatment device (however, i think it is over 5,000$ ouch)


i correct myself
the Brite and Delta not the same identical instruments,
the brite is a 312 and the delta a 10 batery, perhaps the
amplifier is the same but it is not the same instrument technically


I had my hearing test and I do need an HA. The one that was recommended was a Rexton Revera. It is basically the same as the Siemens Centra. I will do some research on it, but do you know anything about it?

the one i like from rexton is the REVO +
what I like

  1. Wirelles syncronizaton
  2. Rechargable battery
  3. electric dryer
  4. Remote control
  5. Data logging, sound smoothing, etc
    the other features are very standart


I don’t believe that Costco has as many equipment options as most HA centers would have. It seems like a limited selection. Not that I would know one from the other. The price on the Revera is $1,400, which sounds reasonable compared to some that I read about. I will be going to another audi next week who fitted a friend of mine. I am interested to see if the tests comes out similar and what other equipment options he recommends.


Your last statement about seeing if your test results are the same with
another AUDI caught my attention.

After I was told I needed Ha’s I went to three different companies.

Sears (Miracle Ear) , Unitron (element 16) and Opticon (Delta 8000)
all three tests were basically the same. The first two were in a
sound box and the delta’s were in a 10 x 12 office.

I was surprised, but pleased by this sameness.


This was the first time that I had an ear test with plugs in my ears rather than earphones. I am interested to see if it is done differently at the other audi’s place. I am also wanting to see if someone else has a different type of recommendation based on my loss. I just wish I didn’t have to wait till next week for the test. I am ready to start hearing better.

In general most audis would use more or less the same equipment.
What I would look for is which audis use real ear equipment,
I personally believe validation is a big part of fitting and @ least
in my experience it makes a different.

You might find, that some audis, performs hearing test with insert phones (more accurate). However, some instruments allows to do in situ measurements for either thershold and or MCR

FOr example, Oticon used to have a MCR mesuarement (which I love) which allow the instrument so be programmed really really confortable. But they took most of that stuff away-

Widex has a Sensogram - which allows for further verification of threshold.
Recently Phonak UNA (their value instrument) has something similar…

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There is so much to learn about this new addition to my life. It will be a good addition, but it is quite different from other things I have been exposed to. I like to research as much as I can to make an informed decision and this forum has been a whole bunch of help. I really appreciate all the info and advice.

This discussion has been very relevant to my situation and I was wondering if you could expand the discussion on some of the choices. I too had a hearing test at Costco. I have a mild to moderate hearing loss in the high frequencies. They recommended two different open fit HA’s the rexton and a very new one for them the The Bernafone micro or icos 106 BTE. I wore both of them for a considerable length of time in the store and they both seemed to greatly improve my hearing. I liked the Bernafone because it seemed a little smaller and was not as visible when wearing it. The price was $1400 per ear. I also went to my ENT doctors Audi who tested me and came up with the same results. I had been tested several years earlier by this Audi and at that time she had recommended I buy a HA. Guess I wasn’t ready at that time. She suggested that I buy a Phonak Audeo, not sure if it was the Audeo IX or the V. Wasn’t aware that there are different models when I was at the office. Tried them on in the office but they didn’t seem as good as the Bernafone Micro 106. I suspect that the Audi didn’t try to adjust them as completely as the Costco lady. The price for the Audeo is $2600. Both the Audeo and the Micro are tiny neat looking and come in cool colors. I have no idea if one works better than the other or will last longer or be less troublesome. Is the Audeo worth $1200 more. What am I getting for that extra bucks, other than my ENT’s office is closer than Costco. Should I consider other HA’s? This site has been very interesting and any help in guiding me to a good decision is greatfully appreciated.

Trust your ear, If the aid sounds great and you can save $1200 I would say go for it!!! ASK for REM

Bernafon comes from the second largest manufacturer in the world
they been around for more than 100 years

Rexton on the other hand comes from the world larghest manuf…
Siemens is a large company they are here to last…

So I would say trust your ears… Phonak is a good instrument…

I would suggest Bernafon brite… it is a cool instrument…


Thanks for the information and the practical advice. If you don’t mind I do have a few more questions. By REM do you mean remote. Costco wants $85 for it and I wasn’t planning on buying it as the only function that is different is the volume control. From your response I get the sense that this is important. Am I right? Also in checking the Bernafone Brite I see that it uses a speaker in the ear at the end of tube the same as the Phonak Audeo. Is there any advantage to that other than being able to make the BTE part of the HA marginally smaller. Lastly I noticed that the Brite has a higher frequency range than the Micro 106, 140-6700 Hz vs 100-5000 Hz respectively. Is this significant? This process of purchasing a HA seems to be rather complicated. Much more so than my buying glasses. But when I think about your advice to trust my ears thats what I do when I buy glasses. I trust my eyes. I guess I probably won’t go wrong if I select a reputable place to purchase the HA with a knowledgeable and involved Audi and select an aid from a likewise reputable manufacturer. Thanks again for the help.

dear jlefFL

Rem does not stand for remote, it stands for REAL EAR MESUrument,
basically it is a machine that has a microfone and a speaker and it is used to measure the amount of gain you are getting at the eardrum level…

It is important to know that this amount needs to be contrasted vis a vis the manufacturare gain for fitting verification. NO rem NO SALE. This is the only way you can check that you are actually receiving what you have been prescribe…

the bernafon brite is a pure open fit product, or a receiver in the ear or receiver in the canal just like the Audeo. While it is not as sofisticated as the audeo (no lifelearning, etc) it should be a lot cheaper. The benefit of a reciever in the canal or receiver in the ear is less oclusion, the sound is more natural, etc. In generally, I would prefer an instrument with higher frequency response, but trust your ear. If your costco is near a busy street, ask them to program and set a brite and walk with the aid outside with ur wife- or love ane and see how it feels, then take them out. You should notice the difference and how incredible confortable Open fit products should be…
I dont see bernafon nor Phonak getting out of business in the near future at all, they are very strong companies with a very healthy financial position…

Make sure who ever is fitting the aids is board certified and have a valid state licence

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I am back from Mexico and anxious to go to Costco tomorrow and order some aids. She did not show me the Bernafon, so I will ask about it. I will also ask about the REM, since that does sound like something a hearing aid professional should be able to do. The Costco person is an HAS. I don’t know if they have to be an audi to perform REM.

I ordered some Rexton Rivera aides which should be in by Thursday, but possibly tomorrow if I am lucky. I can’t wait to be able to hear better. The HAS did say that she can do REM, so that is good to know.

be aware that while REM could verify that you are actually getting the gain you need, most clients find this setting overwheling.
Oticon for example has an adaptation manager which sets the instrument below the ideal gain. Hence REM is something I do 2 or 3 times …
Or once the client is set to go home for the last time