COSTCO Bluetooth capable hearing aids

"Bluetooth® Capable
$899.99 to
$1,399.99 Each**†

For Mild to Severe
Hearing Loss

Worn behind the ear
with a thin tube
to the ear allowing
for natural sounds."

Does anyone know any details about these hearing aids. I will make an appointment at my COSTCO hearing aid center to find out more about them if they connect directly via Bluetooth to my Android phone.

Maybe they are like the Audeo B90-Direct that will sell me for $3548 a pair.

In that generic statement they are referring to all of the receiver in the ear aids they offer from all of their suppliers- Costco /Rexton KS7, Rexton Legato, Phonak Brio 2, Rsound Forte, and Bernafon Zerena.

In the US - apparently does not include California - The KS7 is around $1800, the others around $2600.

If you are devoted to Android - all will require an extra Bluetooth intermediary device.

Thanks for the reply. My LG phone works well with my Sound World Companion hearing aids but I am willing to try some that may improve my hearing.

I will wait for COSTCO to get some that “connect directly”.

Right now the B-Directs are your only option for Android, and they come with a number of tradeoffs that may or may not be acceptable to you (I wanted to like them, but ended up finding those tradeoffs to be a deal-breaker). I don’t expect other direct-to-Android HA’s this year.

member6: I was liking your positive mention of your Sound World Companion’s. What’s going on?

I have worn the Sound World Companion hearing aids for over a year now. They connect perfectly to my LG smartphone which is the primary reason I bought them. Also, they “sound” much better than my old Audibel hearing aids. But, I am always interested in anything new that might be even better.

I was curious because you posted in that other thread about frustrations and were quite vocal about not spending so much when you’re happy with your SWC’s.

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