Costco best hearing aid?


I currently have the Audicus Oro, and to be fair, I hate it. It isn’t the programming, but rather the fact it is a RIC and the ear dome thing keeps sliding out of my ear. There aren’t any other options at Audicus so I am looking at Costco for my next set since I can’t even wear the Oro without wanting to rip my ears off.

I have reverse hearing loss, which will make things more fun. I saw an ENT so I shouldn’t have to do that again. I want a BTE with a proper mold. Does costco do this? I think my high pitches have started to go too so I suspect it’ll be a bit worse since my last test.


The quality of the hearing center staff at Costco varies by location. Once you have aids from Costco you can go to any location for free service.
They will likely do a hearing test. They carry several major brands and have their own Kirkland Signature 8, currently made by Rexton.

The have a 180 day return policy for hearing aids. Their prices are much lower than elsewhere.Te Kirkland Signature 8 aids, for instance, are $1599 per pair.

They will do custom molds if needed. About 3 years ago they did that for me for my Kirkland Signature 6 aids.


Thanks! I’ve been eyeing up the resounds if they still do that, or the bernafon. Either way. Plus I really don’t need all the extra fancy schmancy tests the private audiologists do. I’ve had those enough times!

Weird question, but did they test your hearing multiple times? I really can only stand to do it once because my tinntus goes mad when I have such repetitive beeping.


I have Tinnitus too. They usually test once per ear. The speech comprehension test is important too.
I demoed two different sets if aids after my test. Based on that test I though the KS8 aids made by Rexton had clearer speech for me than the Resound aids.


Not quite sure what you’re asking. Do you want a BTE for reasons other than getting a custom mold? Costco should be able to do custom molds for any of their RICs. However, if you truly want a BTE, the only ones I’m sure of that they have in a BTE are Phonak and Resound.


Yay! I like this.

(I like it twenty whole characters)


I like BTEs because they’re easier to handle. My little RIC has been nothing but problems with the flimsy cord kinking/sticking out at an awkward angle.


Because of my loss I do oddly well because most examiners are female, but I am diddled if they ever have a guy with a deep voice, haha.


They’re just so much easier than these little flimsy RIC aids with those stupid little domes. If it isn’t the wire kinking, its my anxiety about the dome getting lodged in my ear with no medical services available.


You can get a custom mold at Costco with the Resound, Phonak ,and Bernafon BTE HA’s


I’ve been looking at resound and bernafon. Is there one you prefer over the other?


They have a 180 day return policy for hearing aids so try what you can and see what works for you I tried all 3 and they are all good. I ended up with the Phonak Bro HP as that is what worked the best for me with my loss.


Yes, I can confirm that effectiveness and professionalness of Costco Staff varies by location. The staff at my local Costco has high turnover and getting even an initial appointment was WEEKS away. My neighbor said he never had the same person twice in a row with his last Costco hearing aids. He now goes to a Cosco 30 miles away. Unfortunately, I gave up getting an appointment and went elsewhere. Paid more, but the service was great.


I like Costco,I have a behind the ear hearing aids,I liked them better,there is a little wire in each aids the curls around the cure of the dome that keeps it in the ear,most hearing aids have those,have you try Nano hearing aids?I have been hearing good things about those and they really do not cost much at all.