Costco appointment question

I just joined and have an appointment this same week (a cancellation!) It’s rather late in the day and I wonder how much time should I allow. I’ve printed the info forms, anything else? Is it worth signing up for the credit card?

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I’d allow 2 hrs just in case–really doubt you’ll need more than an hour. The credit card gets you 2% back on Costco purchases and 4% back on gas. (you can get greater percentage if you pay extra) I think it’s worth it, but there is some inconvenience. You need to maintain Costco membership to maintain credit card. Timing of membership fee and credit card rebates make it so you have to renew to get your rebate. Credit card does give you 2 more years extension on warranty


To add one more thing, Costco only takes VISA. If you don’t have the cash or your checkbook with you it will hinder buying aids that day. We learned this when buying aids. When we realized we couldn’t pay for the aids to get the order going we got the Costco card. It took about 5-10 minutes max. Then arranged getting the aids. Very easy process.

Lots of good reasons to get the Costco card.

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I’m guessing the aids don’t qualify for the Rebate and don’t plan on any regular shopping. But 2 years more on warranty sounds good. Don’t I need to keep the membership to continue to get service for the aids after next year when membership expires.

You do get 2% back on the aids. You do not need to maintain membership to get your aids serviced. I think you would need to be a member to get another audiogram though.

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Another consideration would be to upgrade to an executive membership, if you don’t already have one. You get a 2% reward on your purchases (this is separate from the yearly cashback bonus on the credit card). If you’re only buying the hearing aids, then it wouldn’t be worth it ($30 bonus on the $1500 hearing aids vs. $60 to bump the membership.) But if you’re buying groceries and merchandise there regularly it could be a good deal.

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And I am in the same process currently. I have had my hearing test and still waiting on my Costco Visa Cards. It has been 2 weeks and I still have not gotten my supposed letter they send you with questions to call in before they will even Approve it. I have called the customer support line 4 times asking what the problem is and why so long? Same answer every time that they could not do anything until I get their letter. We go over address etc to be sure they had the correct one. Yes they did and said the letter was mailed yesterday. I raised hell after the 4th call and told them I had been told that when I called in 7 days after the application and again 10 days after the application and now today. I told him I have numerous credit cards and got most within 1-3 days after application and have had them for over 30 years and pay off the balance every month. I told him we have perfect Top credit rating and they can check my credit rating but this was ridiculous and their company sucks and if it were not having already buying the Costco membership and having my hearing test I would tell them to keep their card. However, I want my additional 2% discount and my Costco Visa extended warranty on my hearing aids. I will assure you as soon as I get my hearing aids, discount, and warranty I will pay off the card and never use it again until I need new hearing aids.

Strange. It’s been awhile, but my memory was one of getting it approved on the spot and being able to use it to pay for hearing aids without having a physical card in my possession.


Exactly the way it should have been and the way all my other cards have been. Very frustrated.

Where did you apply for the Costco credit card?

Costco Warehouse
Wichita, Ks

At the store?
We got the card approved on the spot at the store.

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Thanks all, I certainly will try the card and very surprised ifnnot immediate approval. That is the usual way.

We’ll go early (I joined online) to get the member card and will do the credit card at the same time.

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This is interesting because I asked about that when I signed up it cost me $120 because I took the executive membership. Can’t remember why I took the executive but the plan was better.

2% back on all purchases but only rebated once a year. The sales guy was so slick he left that out of his spiel. It sounded as if every time you made a purchase you would get 2%. True but have to wait to redeem… I had to call the manager to get that ironed out. It was my total misunderstanding but he sure did not talk about that at the time of sale.

I signed up the beginning of June and I think I was told that I would get my rebate early next year. It turned out to be a bit of a wash. $2760 including tax and charger. I already have a Visa card that pays 1.5%. Going to check tomorrow as I have an audi appointment.

I was approved immediately for card and definitely would get it and as others have suggested upgrade to executive. When I purchased first set of aids I got 0% interest. I maintain my card and membership. Allow at least 2 hours. The test is quite thorough.

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Thanks all, I hope only an hour as appointment is 4:30 but it was great to get one within a week so a big plus.

I had a hearing test this past Sunday at 3:30 (yes on Sunday, amazing) and it took a little over an hour. Very through test. After the test , the HAS answered all my questions, and I had a full page. I had narrowed my choice to Resound Preza or KS9.
We decided on the Preza and I ordered it with replaceable 13 size batteries. I also gave the HAS the three programs(All Around, restaurant, music), plus set them up for an experienced HA user. Also wanted programming to address wind reduction features( I live on the beach).
The Preza HAs are set to come in on Sunday, July 26, an hour appointment, using REM.
Looking forward to the improved technology in the Preza, but knowing I have a full six months to decide, I will no doubt check out the KS9 if I am not completely happy. Also, if a newer technology comes out by the end of this year I will seriously consider refunding the Resound and buy the newer technology.


We sent my old Resounds for end of warranty repairs due to issues I was having. My Hearing Aid Specialist gave me a loaner set of the newest Resounds. I love them! I hear so much better with this new technology. So much so I will be purchasing new after the first of the year. These have the larger size batteries. My current ones use size 13.

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I am impressed, my current aids are “plain vanilla” Volume control only. I’m looking forward to an upgrade at a reduced cost regardless of which option I select. As an android phone owner I think there are fewer choices but all look great. Presently I have size 13s and just hope I don’t have to go back to 312s (in part because I just ordered a new supply!) and because they last me 10 days. Will be worth the change I expect.
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I don’t know what happened to you but today I did the application in Costco and it was immediately approved. Did my test and ordered/paid with the card. They gave me a paper with bar code to use until actual card arrives.