Costco appointment availability


There have been several posts about long delays to get a Costco hearing aid appointment. I just called my local Costco and have an appointment a week from today. I was rather surprised. Posted this because I expect availability varies a lot. I’d encourage checking out your local Costcos rather than avoid them because you think you’ll have to wait a long time.


Yes, my Costco is busy, my testing appointment was a 6 week wait. Fitting was 2 weeks after testing, adjustment 2 weeks later, 2nd adjustment 4 weeks, 3rd adjustment 2 weeks (next week). I’ll make another if needed since adjustment appointment are only 30 minutes. Not enough time to cover all my niggles & questions.


It depends. There is a Costco at the end of the block where I live but they are not really fully staffed and appointments are hard to come by. There is another Costco about 10 miles away that is fully staffed and it is easier to make appointments on short notice.


Oh my god! I just inquired today about a hearing aid appointment for my father. They said the soonest would be in JANUARY!!
I’m going to check a couple other branches; but it’s not like there is a Costco located on every corner, like a Starbucks.


That is pretty amazing (in a bad way). There are clearly some areas where Costco is not a viable option if timeliness is important. My post’s intent was to say all Costcos are not that way.


You are quite correct, each store is different, and any particular Costco can vary over time.

My recent experience (Monday, two days ago) was that they had added another hearing aid fitter along with weekend hours, which were never available before. It is worth checking whether the wait is still terribly long.

The new fitter was unfamiliar with my 2010 Bernafon - had to call Bernafon to ask how to connect to it - but once connected, she made that old instrument sound better - clearer, better speech discrimination - than it ever has, with no feedback. Used to be, it had to be on the edge of squealing feedback to have enough high frequency for clarity. I can’t compliment her enough, and will do so in person next time I’m there.

I still have an appointment with the “main stream” audiologist tomorrow, for trial of a BICROS aid. In a different thread I posted that my health insurance had suddenly started covering 80% of the hearing aid and I was “fed up” with Costco and going to “main stream” - but if your loss is adequately addressed by an aid from Costco, don’t write them off, check to see if they’ve added personnel or something.