Costco and Cross Over hearing aids


Thank you, I don’t know if my audi did this, but it’s good to know for next time to have a hearing test.


I have had mild hearing loss for 20 years. Then a curtain airbag exploded into my left ear and I lost most of my hearing in the left ear and I believe there was some mild additional loss to the right ear. with a good hearing aid I can’t hear well with my right ear. I tried a bicross for the left ear and found that any sound that leaked past the receiver was so garbled that it impaired my ability to hear on the right side. I then tried regular charger and go hearing aids. no benefit to the left side since the amplified sound remained garbled but louder. I have tried blocking my left ear with earplugs. This does seem to help the right side to be clearer. Unfortunately I am unable to hear anything from the left and the left ear feels clogged up by the earplug. Feeling frustrated and unsure what to do! One aud suggested to only use Right aid and a Rogers for left side. This will still leave the garbled sound coming into my left ear.
Also I very much want to preserve some ability to localize sound.


You should get good results with aiding both ears. It takes some time for the brain to get used to the new sounds. It’s not like putting on glasses.


It has been six months and no improvement. Are you suggesting that it can take longer for the brain to adapt to the change?


What kind of hearing aids are you using? I’m new to this game, but I wish I had hearing as good as you do. At the higher frequencies your left ear is nearly as good as your right ear and at lower frequencies there certainly is a difference, but I would expect it to be correctable.


using Signia Charge and Go. The directional mics help as does the Spacial Configurator. But still leaves a “dead” area off to my left. In quiet room with one person it is fine. Any background noise becomes impossible to have a conversation.


Are you using the S or M receivers? Or? What kind of sleeves or domes or?


I’m saying it looks like your hearing test is not that bad, and that hearing aids should be a big help. It does take some time to get used to them, wearing them all day, every day.


Yes, it takes longer than 6 months for people to adapt. I’m just learning about the brain to adapt and it’s been years. When one’s hearing declines it does take longer. Oh well.