Costco and Charge Cards

Does Costco accept Mastercard or is it just Visa? Was wondering bow to pay for HA if I go that route. Also, what about Android Pay, Google Pay or Apple Pay?

George R

In Canada they only accept MasterCard, Debit card, or cash.

From the U.S. Costco website (acceptable payment methods):

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They take my Visa when we are in the US but not in Canada. I have to use my debit here. C

Assuming you’re a Costco member and planning on a hearing aid purchase, I’d get a Costco Visa and get 2% back on your purchase.

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Don’t forget the additional 2years of warranty if using a Costco Visa. :grin:


Here in the US, Costco’s Visa card is also the membership card. I use cash when I do not want to add to my Costco Visa card. Don’t know about any other forms of payment accepted.

I don’t think they are. Just use the Costco card.