Costco 2024 - Jabra Enhance Pro 20 vs Philips 9040

Short update at this point, after 1 week of use of the Jabra Enhance Pro 20. Overall, there is some significant bad with the good.

Yes, improved hearing of high pitched speech (female), both in person, phone, and TV watching.
Still, there is a problem. Am hearing much more noise as opposed to less. This is totally unexpected. Actually, it is quite loud in normal mode, almost to the point of painful, and very distracting. Everyday activities produces a sudden loud pop or screech. Opening anything in a plastic bag is somewhat painful, with all the loud crackling sounds. Wind noise is particularly bad on the highway. It is a bit better in “noise” mode per the app, which the tech told me I would never need to use.

Still one more week before I visit the tech again. Perhaps the tech can adjust these better, or not. As of this morning, I am on the fence whether I will be keeping these or returning them. My two major reasons for an upgrade to a new model was improved speech recognition, and noise control. So far, these have delivered on only one of those features.

I am on week four of my Jabra EP 20s. These are my first hearing aids. I initially had all these loud experiences you were talking about. I believe it was because my hearing had decreased so much in the last 12 years since my previous audiogram that I was just hearing a lot more ‘noise’. I think I’ve adjusted quicker than most. But, initially I spent more time with noisy environments in the Hear in Noise program with ‘noise filter’ turned on in the app. My HCP turned my fitting up to 100% initially suggesting I could turn things down if I wanted to, which I did at first. I’m no longer bothered by crinkley noises and loud background noises are no longer as bothersome to me.

I asked for and got four programs initially; All Around, Here in Noise, Music and TV, and Outdoors (which helps with wind noise). I find that I use all four programs at different times. I feel comfortable using the app and the various changes you can make to each program. As you alluded to, it is a good app.

Today I had my HCP increase the bass in the music program and in the streaming function. I also switched to the M&RIE Receivers with closed domes vs the initial open domes. I also got my REM against the new receiver and domes. I am delighted with all these changes. I listen to a lot of music and the bass so much better. I’m no longer getting feedback when I say ‘woohoo’. And, I like the more natural sound of my voice and when with only a few people (when only the ‘mic in ear’ is active in the Hear in Noise program). I was not annoyed by any of the background noise at Costco.


RSW, thank you for your thoughts, that gives me some hope. You initially used the Hear in Noise program in “noisy environments.” In contrast, I have been keeping the normal mode noise filter on in everyday situations just to make it tolerable. sigh…I did talk directly to Jabra last week and voiced my concerns, not sure what will come of that. I selected the Jabras as they were supposed to have AI features to deal with noise.

I am starting to think that the HA tech over compensated on the high frequency sounds. I will be following up at Costco with the technician this week, and see what he can do. I currently do not have any additional programs on my app, so will definitely ask for them. I like the concept of Hear in Noise, TV, and Outdoor options. I currently have open domes as well. To avoid feedback related noise, I really really really have to fiddle with my left ear to get it to stop. Not sure what a closed dome is, unless that is a custom ear mold. Will be asking about that in my follow up visit.

Between you & me, I will be carrying everything back for the visit in the event I am told there is nothing they can do, but I fully expect to keep them at least another 2 weeks after some adjustments and the addition of the programs to see how they work. If that doesn’t work, either return them or find a different Costco HA tech.

Also of interest (to me, anyway) is that the Samsung 24 series, the latest and greatest, are not yet on their acceptable devices list. As the series has been out for a few months already, this is both disturbing and an indication of how fast Jabra deals with issues. Have no idea what problems, if any, they are encountering to delay placing the Samsung 24 series on their devices list.

Overall, am frankly disappointed at the 2 week mark. Will see what happens this week.

You can certainly ask the HCP (hearing care professional) to reduce the gain in the high frequencies.

Did you have REM (real ear measurements) done? I think when I got mine yesterday that it lowered the gain a bit…not sure. I do notice a very different sound but I am sure the M&RIE Receivers and the domes made big changes as well.

Your open domes are the little rubber like ‘domes’ at the end of the receiver you put in your ears. Closed domes are the same thing but without the holes in them. They tend to reduce feedback and improve bass response. The HCP originally told me the software recommended open domes. I am much happier with the closed domes … as well as the new receivers, but I was going to insist on closed domes regardless of a receiver change.

I have found the Hear In Noise (Front Focus) program to be terrific when speaking to/hearing at a customer window in a store or medical center. For the first time I can hear the employee without a struggle! I use closed domes also.

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The hearing aids can be programmed at a reduced volume but with a program which gradually increases the volume over a period of 3-6 months as you become more accustomed to the louder noise & adapt. An audiologist at Costco did this for me.

This may be slightly off-topic, but I couldn’t find much that’s current elsewhere.

I’ll be picking up a pair of JEP 20s next week to replace 5 yr old Phonaks that keep spontaneously changing programs (since the last update). They’ll come with custom molds and were recommended by the Costco fitter.

Excepting phone streaming (have read here there are Android problems), I’m looking for an improvement in hearing & features.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. My Android 14, S21 Ultra 5G, under Bluetooth, shows “LE audio (LE-KS9.0 hearing aid” active for both right/left aids. Is that part of the phone’s Bluetooth function or did it come with the Phonaks?
  2. Stable phone streaming is important because I can’t understand much speech of whoever I’m talking to just using the phone & not streaming the call. Calls through the aids are critical. Jabra Support told me the Galaxy S21 Ultra should work fine. The Costco fitter said “no guarantees”. Many folks here have reported problems. If need be, I’ll update to a Galaxy S24 Ultra, but will be sad :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: because of $$$$$. Should the LE Audio make a difference to streaming performance?
  3. I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about the Jabra Enhance 20 app, so am wondering if there’s anyone here who would say it’s good - particularly considering the phone streaming function.

Finally, several commenters here seemed to have good hopes about the upcoming Philips 9050. Perhaps my timing is good in getting the JEPs because I can swap them out for the 9050 if really unhappy.


That is from the pairings for the phonak but it isn’t LE Audio. It is old fashioned Bluetooth LE. It is used by the app to control the aids.


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Regarding your comment of updating to the Galaxy S24 Ultra (which I also have): I have been told by Jabra Customer Service that the S24 is not yet on the JEP 20 approved list, which is disappointing as the S24 has been out now for several months.

With that said, the S24 is working with the JEP 20s for me for phone calls, so am giving Jabra a pass for a few more weeks for other functions which I have not yet tried.

As far as the app goes, it is essentially the same as the older Resound app, which I was familiar with. From that perspective, am not having an issue.

Regarding the Philips 9050, if I can’t get the JEP 20s to address my concerns, I will return them and wait a bit and see what the 9050 will do.

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billgem, that is an intriguing option. will talk to the Costco HA tech about that feature this week. Am a bit disappointed now that the tech/fitter (whatever they call themselves) didn’t even mention this and who didn’t want to install other programs on my phone when receiving the JEP 20s.

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Wish I could offer some helpful comments, but I cannot, since I don’t use an Android phone. Several people have replied at length, tho’, so I’m hoping that helps you. Good luck! :+1:

Costco HCPs (hearing care professionals) do not hear about updates till a week before they arrive.

I heard the Phillips 9050s will arrive to the US but have not heard a definitive word that they would be at Costco yet. Still waiting.

Besides toggling Bluetooth, I really like my EP 20s with the S23s and streaming music sounds great to me after my HCP cranked up the bass across the lower frequencies and switched from default open to closed domes. HCPs do not tend to fit for music streamers like me…The app is really good…one of the best rated out there.

There is a wide range of capabilities among Costco HCPs. The beauty of their system is that you don’t have to stick with the one you start with. Next time you’re in Costco, go to the Hearing Aids Dept and just ask whoever us available if s/he knows about setting the gain at 90% with it programmed to gradually increase over several months. (Mine was for 6 months.) if you can find one after a few visits, ask to switch to her/him or ask to have that HCP explain it to yours. If you have more than one Costco within a reasonable distance and you find somebody, you can go there instead. (I have half a dozen Costcos within a similar distance from me.)


RSW, forgot to reply to your post. Yes, I did have REM measurements done, which makes this so surprising and disappointing at the same time.

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billgem & all,
Appreciate all the comments and advice, I feel much better now to try to get the Costco HA tech/fitter to adjust these HAs. And yes, there are multiple Costco’s in the area, 2 are rather close, so will give it a solid try again. May change fitters as well. Going to Costco Wednesday with a list of concerns to see what happens.

Plan B: if no satisfaction within the next month or so…we’ll see…


Just wondering if you have an update @smcc

I’m desperately trying not to make an old school joke here,along the lines of, “maybe the two are the same?”…but I would deserve a rebuke from our knowledgeable and wonderful and beautiful female members.

Apologies for the late update. Been trying to evaluate these HAs with new settings. Still not sure…

A couple of weeks ago I said I was going back to Costco to get adjustments, and I did. The same HA tech (see my comments above regarding my thoughts about him) adjusted my HAs and asked for me to come back in 6 months. Interestingly, the HA tech told me that I needed to remain with him throughout the adjustment period, as different techs have different approaches. He refused to place these on an auto-update the settings (changing the gain as mentioned earlier), and said I had to come in to get them readjusted. He also did not want to install any additional programs, saying they were unnecessary with newer HAs. However, I did ask for them, and a newer tech installed the Hear in Noise, Outdoor, and music/TV program, which some of you on this thread recommended.

Well, that adjustment lasted 2 days. The hearing aids were now tuned so low I heard ZERO noise regardless of what I was setting my app to, including the music/TV program, which has zero noise attenuation. Not only noise was not noticeable, the new adjustments placed these HAs as marginally better than my old ones.

So, back to Costco, this time ready to return the HAs as unsuitable. However, the original tech did not want to see me, and I ended up with the senior tech. He actually showed me where my HAs should be, and adjusted them to that level. He also added in the adjustable front focus feature for the Hear in Noise program. Now I hear noise, but not at an objectionable level. More on this in a moment.

Personal opinion about the original HA tech. I could be wrong, but at this time believe he adjusted my HAs the first time way too high, and then way too low. Not sure what his motivation was, but it could have been because he had originally recommended the Philips 9040, and I did not want them due to the rumors of the “soon” 9050 coming out. I do know he avoided me at my 2nd appointment. Have thought of writing a complaint letter to Costco, but have resisted the urge so far. It is hard not to suspect that he wanted me to come back in 6 months after the official return period, so he could tell me it is all my fault and I couldn’t return the HAs at that point. I would not recommend him to anyone.

Ok, back to the HAs performance. I am still in my personal trial period, and trying to figure these out, and experimenting with different settings, with & without the noise cancellation button toggle in the app. Speech recognition is improved a bit (jeffrey may have a point in the earlier post :smile: ), and I can use the Music/TV program w/o noise cancellation when watching movies and such. Still, I hear more noise than I want to without the noise cancellation on, and still trying to get used to it.

At this point, the Jabra’s are better than my old Resounds, but am still uncertain if they are the right HAs for me. Am going to give them a few more weeks at least. Am still using the open domes for now. Will try to report back at that time.

In the meantime, if anyone hears updates regarding the Philips 9050, would like to hear there experiences as well.

Thx to all who have helped me with their suggestions. It has made this “experience” more tolerable.

Apologies to all for the long post. Too much coffee since 3 AM!


A review: I’ve included a lot of information here for newbies that long-term users may not be interested in.
Received my new JPE20s on Monday (4/6/24). The sound quality when first put into my ears (before any fitting/REM attempts), compared to my 5-yr old Phonaks, was amazing - clear, undistorted, not crackly. But then the Costco fitter opted to ‘make them better’ with an REM (Real Ear Measurement). Bad move - sounded like I was in the bottom of a very deep bass drum. After a few minutes of unsuccessfully tweaking, he reset them to the out-of-the-box status and all was good again. Then repeated the REM, which helped slightly. Side note here - he’s a long-term HA wearer.
I’m using custom molds with these. The only installed programs are ‘All Around’ and ‘Hear in Noise’.

Initial results: Setting up (pairing) the JPEs to phone, TV, pre-amp was a breeze. I’m using the “All-around” default mode all the time. No adjustments used. Wife no longer repeats herself 3 times minimum or writes notes; TV volume is reduced from near 20 (evening national news) to 10 (couldn’t really understand it at 20 used CC); am able to understand TV well enough now that reliance on CC is lessening; phone calls through aids are much more understandable - rating improved from 4 to 8, though women with chipmunk voices and accents are still difficult. Battery life from 3 days with old Phonaks to 5 days & counting (disposable, not rechargeable).

I typically wear my aids 15 hrs/day. Fitter recommended I use the electric HA dehumidifier with UV-C Lamp Sanitizer I bought from Costco years ago instead of the storage case. The aids go in there while showering and for 30 minutes after, and at night when sleeping. Apparently, Costco no longer sells that item, though I found one at AMZ for a ridiculous price.
Per instructions from an ENT doc years ago, I also wipe the aids with an alcohol pad, letting them (and my ears) dry before putting them in.

Haven’t been in a noisy environment yet (restaurant) and based on other’s comments, am not expecting a lot of improvement. Will probably opt for the Jabra Multi-Mic for group settings.

Surprisingly, I was able to carry on a back yard conversation with a neighbor. I love that because I’ve been avoiding people/social situations including family gatherings.

Here’s a shout-out to whoever included the graphics/instructions for adding the "Hear in noise option allowing the directional ‘cone of hearing’. My fitter struggled with it until I showed him the instructions I’d copied to my phone from this forum.

Minor annoyances: as an Android S21 Ultra 5G user, I’m able to connect my TVs, PC, and other equipment to the aids (haven’t tried everything yet); can use wireless headphones streaming from TV, amp, etc. device while using aids, although there’s a tiny bit of feedback/squeal in the right aid. Phone calls via aids are very good but cannot use the ‘tap’ aids’ feature to answer/end calls. Must use phone to speak. Not critically important to me. Really dislike the 5 chimes that sound when the phone boots. Fitter said he can eliminate that. The tubes that run from the battery compartment to the aids (speakers) don’t lay flat against the side of my head. That’s a cosmetic/vanity issue.

That’s all so far.

I’ve been using aids for 35+ years and as my hearing has worsened to beyond the initial point of being qualified for cochlear, aid manufacturers have touted improvements to help me hear better. Frankly, I’ve never noticed any until now other than adding phone apps that allow users to tweak settings. The JPE20s have made a significant improvement in my quality of life. I’m as tickled as a poverty child with a new toy on Christmas! And the icing on the cake is, I’m no longer paying between $5K & $6K for a pair of aids. Thanks Costco!


Not sure I understand the logic in this. You didn’t want to try out the Philips 9040 but instead decided to try the Jabra simply because you hear that the 9050 is coming out soon? Regardless of whether the 9050 will come out soon or not, that shouldn’t affect your decision on which aids to try out. What if you never heard that the 9050 is coming out soon? Would you have wanted to try the Philips 9040 then?

If you wanted to try out the Jabra either way, then that’s understandable. But simply not wanting to try the 9040 because you hear the 9050 is coming out soon doesn’t make sense to me, unless you plan on returning the Jabra before the 6 months is up anyway so that you can try the 9050 when it comes out (hopefully before the 6 month return is up). That way you get to experience the flavor of both.