Costco #13 batteries lasted 14 days. Worth getting rechargeables?

I’ve been wearing my Rexton aids for 15 or more hours a day since I got them, and the low battery warning for one of the #13 batteries went off this morning, so I changed both. It was about 20 minutes from the first full-volume signal to one that was almost inaudible.

I had thought of getting the rechargeable batteries, but at this rate I don’t know whether it would be worth it. The charger does have a drying function as well, but I already got a dryer (looks like one of those coffee-mug warmers) as part of the package with the aids.

Wow! I’m wearing the same (first time user) and was wondering when to expect the first change. I picked mine up on 7/15 and yesterday was the first time I left the house with spare batteries in my pocket. So far so good. I’m keeping notes for my first follow up visit next week.

I’ve gotten 12-17 days out of Cosco #13 batteries. If I use my streamer alot the batteries life is shorter than if I don’t, but I can live with 12 days. A friends Bicros HA goes though batteries every 2-3 days!

Keep in mind that rechargables, as the technology currently sits, last about a day and probably a lot less if you use a streamer.

As far as rechargables replacing single use batteries, I don’t think the technology is there yet. We’ve only just gotten mercury free batteries under control, for heaven’s sake! :wink:

I’d stick with your Costco batteries that last so well.

Well I just got that beep-beep tone and made my first battery change. 16 days is great in my book! I’m starting with hearing aids, however I experienced years of being with my late father and his heading aid needs. If he got 10 days out of a battery he was doing great.

I tried rechargeable 13s in a pair of GN ReSound Live 9s, and could not get a full wearing day out of them.

Jay man,
A friend of mine has rechargeable 13’s and he now gets a full day out of them. What he finally did was buy a second pair of batteries and charges those while he’s using the other set. he says as long as he leaves them in the charger all day he has no problems.

Been there, did that, didn’t work.

not worth the hassle!!!

And not COST EFFECTIVE: Rechargeable batteries lose their energy storage capacity as they age; I’m talking months, not years.

I think HA rechargeable batteries use NMHD as their power source. If you’ve ever used a power tool that uses NMHD you know how poorly they operate the tool: short run times and short life spans over the life of the battery. This is why all the tool companies are going to lith ion batteries to get longer life spans out of their batteries with more stable power outputs. Now if the rechargeable HA battery companies could come up with lith ion nano batteries we would have longer running batteries with a more stable voltage output and more charging cycles than we have with today’s HA rechargeables. If they could do this we might have a battery that would last several years and be cost effective. Perhaps someday!

absolutely…so not worth it right now.

I tried the rechargeables as part of a trial of Kirkland Signatures (Rexton Cobalts). I would get a full day (18 hours) from them and just plop the whole hearing aid in its charger (the body of the hearing aid has contacts on the side so you don’t have to open the battery door). It could not have been easier.

This was just a trial period so the batteries were less than three months old but if I had the option again I would do it.

Now, if the hearing aid doesn’t have contacts and you have to take the battery out and put it in a charger and then reverse that the next morning then I would probably just go with replaceable batteries and change them every 4 days like I do now.

I can get a full day out of 312 rechargeables in my GN ReSound Pulse’s. Couldn’t do it with 13s in my Live 9s.

Battery size and aid power requirements were different.

That’s what I am thinking too: just because Don could get 18 hours out of rechargeable #312s doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to get that many hours out of rechargeable #13s.

My second pair of #13s lasted a day less, but I might have worn the aids longer than in the previous two weeks.

I’ll ask the audi when I see him next week what he knows about the life of rechargeable #13s in this type of aid, but I’m inclined to put the $80+ toward the cost of the “Blu RCU” (relabeled Tek) remote/streamer instead.