Cost to get widex HA re-cased!

What a deal… $325 for 3 mo. warrantee, $400 for 1 year warrantee…
The battery door broke off when I had the audacity to transport them in the Widex case they came with, and now one of them has to be recased…
Unbelievably fragile… It seems having to keep the battery door open someone caused the door to break of in the hard case,in my pocket.
I think not having an on off switch is ludicrous, same with having no volume control…

The hell with these tiny little “no see um” aids… Next ones I get will be big and robust, and I will proudly show them of to the world… These tiny things are just too fragile, and too damn non adjustable…
Anyway, any chance I can get a better deal somewhere than $325 for a re case??? anyone ?


If it’s just a battery door that’s popped off…that should be able to be replaced without sending the entire thing in. They are designed to come off easily so as to not damage the faceplate of the hearing aid. Now, if the hinge-pin has also come off…well that changes things.

I’d take it to another person and get a 2nd opnion on the cost to repair it.

As far as a better deal, the cost the company actually charges to recase and repair is pretty steep and I just had to do something similar for a patient (except it was phonak) and it was about $350-$400 with a 1-year warranty so I’d say the quote you got was actually fairly consistent if you truly needed a recase/repair. You can always consider going with an off-label repair company, but I’ve found their results to be hit-or-miss over the years and I’ve had to, on more than one occasion, send the hearing aid back to the original manufacturer to undo the mess the off-label place made.

The aid works fine, and the door does clip back on, and stays on… The hinge is broken off at the case side… It needs a new case… I think I will just use these at home, and get some “full size” aids w/ tinnitus masking capability. I can’t justify $325 + shipping.
I need an on off switch, a volume control, and the ability to use the masker function without amplification. the widex 440 does not offer me those things.
Only a full size BTE will be able to do that… The widex 440 aids work well, but I find the small size, fragility, and lack of adjustability annoying. They will be fine around home I guess, but I will be going to the University of Buffalo speech and hearing Clinic in a few weeks to try out masker/aids, and I will see if I can find something more suitable

I don’t know where you live but you could give a try, they are located in Garden Grove, CA. I sent my HA to them last Summer and they had it back to me in a total of 6 days. With return shipping my repair was $142.99 and the aid has worked flawlessly since. You can also call them @ 1-888-580-4327 and talk to them about what needs to be fixed. As for an on off switch I think all HA now use the battery door for this. Good luck!

in india its very less price they give it free of cost for 2 years and after warranty they charge only 50$ maximum, better if people can send to india but shipping is costly may be around 50$ ,

If you loved the hearing aids then I’d say the money would be worth it but if you aren’t happy with them and/or want additional features then yes, I think you are following the most sensible path.

If it is the hinge pin that holds the battery door, it needs to be re-plated, not re-cased. The only thing done is the faceplate is replaced, should not be that costly.

The Siemens aids come with a little punch thing so you can switch cases if you want to screw around with different colors of cases. They even offer a ‘camo’ colored case via the VA.