Cost to Convert from Ear Molds

I have Phonak Ambra Micro M with custom ear molds. I would like to try open fit with domes. Does anybody have a ballpark figure on what it would cost to convert these aids over?

About $5 in consumables: though you might be charged more. Plus the time of the audiologist to completely re-do the fitting from the ‘Acoustics’ tab in.

Make sure they hold onto your old fitting data! If you don’t get on with the domes you might decide to go back to the moulds and it would be a real shame if that then meant a “restart fitting from scratch” and you lost any fine tuning you have made since you’ve had them. I presume the audi can save this somewhere within Target but at the very least ask them to print out the fitting reports before changing anything so they know what to program back in if you do change back again. I’ve already done this one, I changed hearing aids during my trial and we lost everything we’d been working on. :frowning:

You can discuss with the audi if this change is part of “lifetime aftercare” or not, cos mine is. If I change the mould type I have to pay for the new impression/mould of course, but I don’t have to pay for programming.