Coscto hearing centers

My dad is thinking about getting some hearing aids from Costco-he has an appt next week
If you have some from Costco…let me know your overall experience

He went to Miracle Ear today and of course they made him try
a $5000 hearing aid— he just cannot afford this

He bought an aid a few years ago and hates it…he spent a fortune
at the ENT…he doesn’t want to go that route again

My mom is about to kill him because he never hears her or anyone
else for that matter and it has been getting annoying

i know that my Audiologist & ENT are selling me a phonak naida 5 for $2000 even that includes my fitting and 45 day trial and dont pay a thing untill after the trial period and 4 years free of adjustmants and minor repairs and any factory returns are free as well as a years supply of batteries. im not sure if thats great or just ok or what but when quoted by the local Beltone dealer they will charge me $3,600 For a beltone one with a 30 day money back (minus a $400 fitting fee) with free adjustmans for a year.

now to me it seems my aduiologist is giving me a better deal… just to check with other beltone dealers and it actuallt sounds like my particular local beltone dealer is charging alot more than others that are 100-200 miles away.

i was quoted by a beltone dealer 2 hours drive away for same thing for $2,300 with 30 day money back trial (minus $250 fitting) and 1 years free adjustmans and 6 months of batteries free. So at least with beltone there can be a wide arangement in prices and service… you may want to look around at some places farther away you may find better prices and service than just the local.

ive read about alot of horror stories about buying online… from what i gather while buying online is cheaper… most companies dont service online purchases and all you get is the initial factory setting set to your hearing type.

So its probably best to get the hearing aid somewhere that you can get it adjusted and fined tuned in person over the big online savings.

I’ve purchased hearing aids from costco several times. They are usually siemens aids. The hearing aid dispensers there aren’t audiologists, so I usually brought the results of my hearing test to them, and had the aids fitted and adjusted several times. The warranty was good and the quality of the service was good.

I’d recommend costco if you didn’t have insurance that forced you to buy from a specific dispenser

My 93 year old grandmother got a pair of Bernafon aids from Costco a couple of years ago. My Mom is looking into aids for herself, and is hoping to be able to try a pair of the Kirkland-branded open fit aids. From the literature I read, they keep them in stock, and can do the audiogram, then fit the aids all in the same appointment.

get a clearance from the ENT