Cork Flooring


Has anyone here ever install cork flooring in their homes ?
Getting ready to replace my carpeting.
I know from past experience, I do not want tile or laminate. Way to echoey for me.
But I started reading about cork. They have some beautiful designs out there. I’m reading that cork is a great insulator and is super for noise reduction.

It’s a little pricey, but if it reduces noise and insulates like it claims, it would be worth the price.

I would love to get away from carpet.

Just curious if anyone has ever tried this or maybe have it installed in their homes.




Yes I installed cork tiles but many years ago. We had them for 30 odd years with one complete resurfacing after 15 years. They were out of “style” so we ripped them up, and installed laminate flooring which both my wife and I now regret.
after laying they need sanding and then a high quality clear finish (likely 2 pot.type). Sharp pointed stiletto heels will indent the surface somewhat, but the warmth, slight give and quite make it worth it in my opinion.
The insulating quality mostly manifests itself in sensation, of lessening any shock when standing barefoot in the bathroom rather than any general rising in temperature as our tiles were only 1/4 inch or 6 mm thick. The cork will not be much different to carpet in insulation value or noise reduction though.