Cool Hearing Loss Simulator--Hear what it sound like to have varying Hearing Losses

Here is a cool hearing loss simulator by Phonak:

Here is the link:

Give it a try and post your comments please.


Thanks for posting…that simulator is really a neat little thing.

I have seem some HLS, Oticon Ecaps, Medrx and Resound Aventa,
but the one i like the best was the HLS in the Aurical Visible speech.
I love the fact that you can record live voices.
It is a very nice piece of equipment…

has anyone use it?

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Yes, this is probably the best piece of equipment and versitile. We use it in every office and is a great educational tool.

If your dispenser/audi doesn’t use speech mapping, our users should encourage them to use it!

Have been enjoying my new Unitron Element 16 Moxi for about a week now. I have moderate loss in one ear and mild to moderate in another. The simulator was right on the money. I have complained for years about friends and my spouse not speaking clearly, etc. I new I had some loss but finally gave in and was tested. I’m glad I did.

I just turned 50 and thought I was too young for HA’s. (Too vain!)

Thanks for the simulator.