Cookie bite loss...looking for suggestions!


This is my first post on here, so I hope I am putting it in the right place. I have a moderately-severe cookie-bite hearing loss (see audiogram below). I know that cookie-bite losses are considered relatively rare and from what I have read it is harder to program aids for this type of loss.

I am currently trialing the Oticon Agil Pros but am not really liking them very much.They aren’t picking up certain things that I think they should be and actually make it harder for me to hear soft-spoken people. I am actually not finding them very comfortable in my canal either.

I would love to hear your opinions about which hearing aids are better suited for cookie-bite losses. Do more people have luck with RITE or CIC aids? I am relatively young (28) and would love if the aids were not noticeable, but I would also love to hear better! I would love to have some ideas to take with me to my audiologist.

Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!

(R then L)
250- 45 45
500- 50 60
1000- 65 65
2000- 70 75
4000- 55 55
6000- 25 45
8000- 15 30
84%/88% (55dB, unaided)


I wish you much luck in finding aids that are suited for you. If I had to do it over again, I would give GNResound more consisderation. I had a pair of their loaner aids for several weeks, and liked them a lot. I ended up buying Unitron Aids, Rite style. They work for me in most situations but I’m still trying to get them working better for meetings and restaurants. I’ll be interested in your progress.

Hi there, I’ve got cookie bite loss (a bit milder than you but same sort of thing) and I wear Siemens Impact M models. I find them to be great and also BTE are in my opinion less noticable than RITE (when used with open fit tubes) - I don’t know what the equivalent aid would be for you if you’re over in America but there probabaly is one available, there are photos of them on my profile.


Marc Parry.

Hello, that’s quite a significant level of loss going on there. In your particular case you won’t necessarily benefit from aids with a lot of functions that emphasise the high frequencies.

RITE products will work, but you will need to have a mould to get sufficient drive at 2Khz without feedback, CIC is an option too provided they are powerful enough. In your case and given your age/cosmetic concerns; if you could afford it, I’d suggest giving the Soundlens a try (assuming it will fit).

It can generate the kind of output you need, sits very deeply in your canal and shouldn’t give you high frequency issues that an RIC/RITE aid would.

You could also try a remote mic custom aid by GN Resound. They are more noticeable than something like a SoundLens, but I’ve had good success fitting my cookiebiters (:p) with them. The Alera line of remote mic aids also come with wireless capabilities, which at your young age might be a plus.

Good luck!

dr. amy

I have a cookie bite loss, too. I’ve been trying out a SoundLens for about 3 weeks total now (had to have them remade once). The main drawback has been that in loud environments the T2 capability doesn’t work. So, you can’t change the volume or program once you’re in the loud.

I’m planning to ask my audiologist about limiting the output on the SoundLens to a more comfortable level and see how that is. If I don’t have to adjust it, I guess it might be alright. They are very comfortable.

I’ve been thinking about trying a CIC or RITE. Um bongo, can you recommend which CIC have capability to be adjusted either manually or by remote? And have enough power? Also, which RITE would you look at, since I wouldn’t need the high frequency features?

In all honesty: I don’t think that a CIC is necessarily your best bet. Your low frequency hearing might be too good to get used to the occlusion.

I’d say that you’d do OK with any of the higher end RIC products. See what you can trial: most have some form of proper remote system rather than the T2.

There’s plenty of positives on here about the Spice, Agil, etc…