Continued Advice Needed

Recently, I came to you for advice regarding a sudden drop in my hearing levels. I did see my ENT and found that as mysteriously as my hearing levels had dropped the levels then returned to pre-drop levels! The ENT told me it could have been a number of situations that caused this unusual occurrence.

Now, I seek your help again regarding the ringing in my ears. All descriptions are given when I am sitting in a silent room without my hearing aids,

Most of the time the ringing sound pattern in my right ear is smooth, consistent and midrange in tone. Other times it increases in pitch. Infrequently though I could swear the noise changes to the varing sound of a hand rubbing over the top of a table or counter.

In my left ear the ringing is high pitched and somewhat pulses or wavers in pattern and frequency

Any comments or thoughts?

seek medical attention -

I would suggest Neuromonics - which is a treatment using stimulation
I have heard good things - but you need to talk to your dr about this!