Constant white noise with ReSound LiNX Quattro

I’m having an issue where I seem to be hearing constant white noise in my aids (Resound Quattros) . It’s a bit like the sound of waves on the shore. It’s always there when my aids are on and if I’m in a quietish location such as a train it becomes unbearable. Any suggestions on what might need adjusting? My hearing aid fitter is stumped.

It could be the Tinnitus Sound Generator is turned on. The TSG can provide nature sounds such as ocean, beach surf, and calming waves.


if it’s a staticky kind of sound you could have a bad receiver wire

It’s noise floor issue. I had a client who could detect this on their aids.


Try going to the app. Under “Sound Enhancer”, select “Tinnitus Manager” at top. If it’s enabled then you can mute via the slider at the bottom.

If this option isn’t enabled then it could still be enabled by the audiologist as custom. You would see a funny round icon on the top right of the program icon.

If none of those, yeah check the hardware.

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Thanks all

No tinnitus manager (must ask about that) so I guess equipment. Will have to get them looked at I suppose.