Considering a Roger MyLink and Roger Pen for use with my KS7

From my reading and my little bit of hearing aid experience, it seems like there are two “holy grails” in hearing aids. One is streaming connectivity, but the big one seems to be speech in noise. It seems to near universally acknowledged to get optimal speech in noise, one needs to use a remote microphone such as Roger or Resound MultiMic. Seems like one of the less expensive ways to do this would be with a Roger MyLink and a Roger Pen purchased used off of ebay. With the Roger MyLink, all one needs is hearing aids with a functioning tcoil. I’m considering adding this to my Kirkland KS7s which have a tcoil. When I eventually replace KS7s, as long as I get HAs with tcoil I’m still good to go. I could also plug TV into Roger Pen docking station if I read correctly.
I’ve read that Resound MultiMic also is tcoil compatible, but I think it gets tcoil transmission from a device with a tcoil, but streams to only made for iPhone Resound hearing aids. Thoughts welcome.

The ReSound Muilti-Mic has the telecoil capability built in to the Multi-Mic itself

Might be a good idea and might work, but, a Bluetooth mic also might do what you want and definitely worth a try. Way cheaper and easier and no extra thing to wear around your neck

I think you’re assuming the KS7s have bluetooth. They don’t. If not, how are you proposing the microphone communicates with the hearing aids?

For those times at restaurants and driving with my wife I have sure thought about remote mics. The Phonak Audeo M RT aids I have now could be set up with Roger receivers but they are pricey. The MyLink does hang around the neck but it’s not an everyday thing, just now and then. A used MyLink on eBay can be found for less than $100 US and the Roger pen is also easily found on eBay, usually for about $100 US. I have thought about giving this a try, just haven’t got around to it. With the virus we drive little and do not go out to eat.


Ok, you are right, I assumed BT, in that case the other options are better.

I have had both roger pens and micro mic. The roger pen was far superior in my opinion. The micro mic only works as a streamer for me as I have the one with the small micro audio input.

I think a Rexton Speech Connect works with KS7 also. Maybe Costco could verify. oops. looks like you already tried that.

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I’ve had great luck with Roger Pens and eBay. I haven’t had a need for a MyLink although I have a coworker who successfully uses one with an older set of Phonaks.

The Pen really is a game changer.

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