Connexx Software - Where?

I am currently using the Tek (Costco version), but am considering the Mini Blu.

I have seen many references on the board to Connexx (6.4?) and have a few questions:

  1. Is this available when you buy the Minitek (or in my case the Mini Blu) device, or is it only available to the audiologist?
  2. Can it be used with the Tek?

I have found a manual for the MiniTek online that refers to the Connexx software, but I don’t know if is for the audiologist’s use or for the end user.

I see that the Tek is supposed to have better range (from the Tek to the HAs) than the MiniTek (according to the manual), but my experience so far shows that I need to have the Tek as close as 1 foot away to have consistent audio from the TV transmitter. I have heard on this board that the opposite is true - that the MiniTek has better range than the Tek. Comments?

Connexx is now 6.5 with their new XCEL fitting formulas. It also have a 3.0 upgrade for the miniTek. I have a 2 year old Tek and a 2 month old miniTek and neither need to be within 1 foot more like 3 or 4 feet from the hearing aids. The miniTek and Tek need to be within 40 - 50 feet of the TVLink.

How/Where do I get this software?

does anyone on these forums know how to use a search engine?
you need to go here
then wait for them to approve your application and you can download 6.5 (I suggest your download it somewhere with a very high speed internet connection it’s big)

what brand of hearing aids do you plan to program?

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anyone who can find their way to this forum can use a search engine just like I do to learn every thing about whatever I’m interested in. it ain’t brain surgery to get on the Siemens website… bounce around to the professional side, look in the download section which if you aren’t signed it will ask you to register. Since he mentioned Costco I asked about what brand as you can go to the Rexton site and download 6.5 without being registered but you are only going to get the Rexton products in the device database. same way with the program my own guys they buy aids from someone’s car trunk or ebay and THEN they come here and ask what all they will need and where to buy it. if they are that clueless how in the world do they expect to get there BARGAIN aids self programmed?

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I commend you on your expertise with search engines …

When I go to the Siemens site (in the professional area - which I’m not) it doesn’t accept my registration. When I go to the Rexton site, there doesn’t seem to be any mention of the Connexx software or any search facility to find it.

here’s a free one for you…

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Thanks for your help! I successfully downloaded (but haven’t yet installed 2 programs I saw there - Cxx…, and RexFit…).

These should work for me, because I have the Costo (Rexton Cobalt 16+) HAs and will switch today to the MiniTek from the Tek I have currently.

You’ve been very helpful here, so I’ll ask for your help again:

  1. What is “Rexfit” (sounds like a program to upgrade your HA programs)?
  2. Do these progams comunicate by USB, or is some other interface or cable required?

    Thanks for your help!

Try Connexx 8. Seems it comes with SiFit databases and gives you the option to update with Rexton ones.…ittingsoftware