Connexx Smart Direct App - Voice Activity Report

For anyone that has a Kirkland Signature, Rexton, or Signa HA’s and uses the Smart Direct App, have you ever gotten a Voice Activity report out of it? The image below is what it is supposed to look like. I have the icon on my screen to select it, but it never highlights itself to become active. I’m wondering if it is a software bug, or if I don’t talk enough to make it work or what? I’m not sure what I would use it for, but it is supposed to be initiated by the Own Voice activity. It is making me wonder if the Own Voice is actually active. Sometimes my own voice sounds good, and other times not so good… The fitter did do the training to set it up.

I am using an iPhone app version

My sound exposure button was turned off, but after turning it on I do get button to go to the sound exposure page and then there is button that lets me go to Voice Activity, but it says “The App needs to collect more data. Thank you for your patience. “

I will leave it on and see if it collects enough data to show anything.

The Sound Exposure pretty much works, except that it drops out for periods of time even though I have my iPhone in my pants pocket. The little calendar with a clock icon is there but it seems to be permanently grayed out. The half circle icon to the right of it eventually gets an orange highlighted bar later in the day and brings up another screen with a Hearing Support rating. I’ve seen it range from Very Relaxed to Quite Difficult.

It works for me. I can click on the icon and see the graph for voice activity. I also noticed that my sound exposure data (and voice activity data) is missing for some days.

Also, I can verify that I have the OVP (Own Voice Program) activated.

Interesting. What specific model of HA do you have? What is the app version you are using, and is there some way with the app to verify the OVP is activated? Or are you just recalling it from the fitting?

I have the KS8’s and am using an iphone 6S. The app version is The app also says my aids have Firmware Version and Hardware Version 1.0 . I watched the Audio setup and activate OVP during the fitting. I don’t know of any way to verify it using the app.

My hardware, firmware, and app versions are identical. I also know the fitter did the OVP training. I’m just wondering if she actually left it turned on. It has a slider scale on how much to apply it. Perhaps I will ask at my next fitting (tomorrow) what it is set at, and perhaps increase it.

I went in for a fitting today. When I was looking over her shoulder I am now pretty sure she had the OVP turned off. There was no check mark beside it on the main screen. In any case due to other issues she gave me a loaner set of KS8 HA’s and shipped mine back for replacement. The loaner shows up as Firmware version 6.4.1 instead of the 6.5.5 I had. And the Voice Activity report now shows up, but says it does not have enough data. But, since she gave me the loaners the Sound Exposure seems to have stopped. It seems there are some software bugs at play here…

What is the purpose of this activity report ? What meaningful data is it providing ? As a fellow KS8 owner, I’d like to know.

I really don’t know what one would use the Voice Activity report for. When it is working it shows how much you talk during the day. I have a vague recollection that someone had the theory that if your HA’s are working right you will talk more. That kind of seems a way out there.

My interest in it was to find out if the Own Voice Processing was actually working in my HA’s. I am now getting the Voice Activity report but a few things have changed, so I’m not sure what to attribute it to for sure. But, I think in my previous fitting the fitter did the Own Voice Processing training, but then forgot to turn it on.

Having the Own Voice Processing working is quite helpful though. It does make your voice sound better to yourself. And the other purpose is that OVP is an input to what Signia calls the 3D classifier. It identifies whether or not you are engaged in conversation, and at least in theory optimizes the settings of the HA to suit. Signia claims that along with acoustic information, and motion state, there are 24 different situations that can be identified… So if you do not have the OVP trained and turned on, then the automatic adjustments that the HA can do are limited. I believe the Motion detection depends on a smartphone input so if you have no smartphone enabled with motion detection, the options are even further limited.

Here is some Signia information on the 3D Classifier.

After leaving it on for several days it now shows data for me. I have KS8 hearing aids. It took a couple days or more to have enough data to show anything.

Yes, I have found it takes two things to make it work. Own Voice has to be programmed and turned on, as well as you have to be talking quite a bit.

My Firmware is at Hardware is at 1.0. Not sure if OVP has been programmed. I have sound exposure data for today, but if I go to Voice Activity I get the message about needing to collect more data. If I go back one day then I have Voice Activity data. Not much just a little. Most days there is no Hearing Support data just says Pending. There are a couple days where there is Hearing Support data. Not sure what to do with any of this data, but interesting.

I am pretty sure that the Voice Activity report will never show anything unless the OVP programming has been done and it is turned on. My fitter did not turn it on once and nothing ever showed up on the report.