Connexx and KS7 not detecting

Today I decided to inspect my KS7’s as it appeared that the program buttons were not functioning correctly. I had Connexx 8.2 installed with Sifit 8 and Rexfit 8. Siemens over time has updated the Connexx 8.2 to and I seem to have lost Rexfit as my kS7’s cannot be detected. The message is " The detected hearing instrument is not supported. A Rexton instrument is connected. To fit this instument, please start Rexton Connexx 8. If the desired icon is not available, please install the appropriate manufacturers software."
Do we now need to install Rexton software as a standalone program to program the KS7’s?

I’m not sure. I used to be able to select Siemens or Rexton database from within Connexx, but now need to open Rexton separately. If you cannot find Rexfit, then yes you need to install it again. Not sure what you mean by program buttons not working properly. Are you talking about from the app, or the actual buttons on the hearing aids?

Right button click your (shortcut or command or icon) that you use to run Connexx. Then see if you can click More/Open file location.

Once the file location is open look to see if you have an executable/.exe for RexFit and an executable/.exe for SiFit? Or something like that, I don’t have Connexx installed right now so my names may be wrong.

If push comes to shove you can always uninstall and start over with download and install Rexton Connexx8.3.2/RexFit8.3.

Yes, that’s what it used to be like for me. But now… there is no button available in Connexx to press!
The buttons are on the HI, they didn’t seem to be working in the correct sequence.

No, there isn’t any semblance of an exe file for Rexfit only Sifit which is ShsFit.exe . I did download the file Rexton Connexx8.3.2/RexFit8.3 just after I posted my query as I remembered you had a page with all the ‘locations’ on it.
I clicked on the exe file and it installed the updated version of Rexfit only. Unfortunately I still can’t get the program to read the KS7’s. It still has the same ‘error’ message

Push came to shove. I didn’t totally uninstall everything tho. I uninstalled Siemens fitting framework which also took out sFit, leaving Rexton Fitting Framework all by itself. Siemens desktop shortcut now opens Connexx Rexton 8 and everything now works as it did before. There is even a large Rexton name tag on the toolbar when the program is open, only this time there isn’t any option for selecting Siemens when clicked.

One thing that I did notice was that there now doesn’t seem to be an Update Manager. Is there a way of updating the Rexton software?

Look in your Sys_Tray, bottom-right on the task bar of all Windows systems. If you find it (it’s not in the example below) right button click it to see what your options are;

That’s where it used to be when the Siemens part was installed, but it’s not there now. I guess it wasn’t part of the Rexton install. I do have a 2016 Siemens version which I will install and see if it works. The Siemens Update Manager never did update the Rexton Rexfit tho.

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Well, the 2016 Update Manager installed OK; updated itself to 18.3.5 and then updated itself again to 18.4.2. I’ll have to wait until there is an update for the actual software to see if Rexfit gets updated.

I think you are already at the latest version for Rexton. They have not had any recent new platform models. Signia otoh, did have recent platform updates. Thus the higher versions.

Ok. Thanks for the info. I’ll see what happens if, or when, there is an update

I think that’s about the status of mine too. There hasn’t been a new Rexton model since I’ve installed. The version of Connexx does get updated though.

What’s your Rexton Connexx version number?

Connexx is and RexFit is

Ricked, By the way, were you able to detect your KS7s and sort things out?

I did! The KS7’s are once again detected and all is back to normal.
My version of Connexx and RexFit are exactly the same as yours.

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There has been a new Rexfit update. Worked fine on mine. Very minor changes.

Yeh, I got that one as well. Works good with no problems at all.


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