Connexx 7.5 and Trax 42

Yesterday, I downloaded the Connexx 7.5 software and installed it on my computer. It contains the Rexton DB of HAs but I assume that I would ultimately need the Trax profile (and a HiPro or Connexx interface) to actually do some programming.

In the Siemens Audiology courses, I see the Connexx software being run in simulation mode. I have inputted my test results and can view my profile in simulation mode, but I can’t find a way to access (view) the available tuning parameters without sensing my Trax HAs. Is there any way of accessing these parameters without the programming interface?

At this point, I am more interested in learning more about tuning parameters in preparation for my first follow-up visit. Ultimately, I would like to have the ability to make my own tweaks.

The Trax42 software is specific to software they provide to Costco and that is not available.

I realize that the database of HAs would be specific, but I would think that the Connexx software would be shared between Siemens, Rexton and Costco.

Did you ever figure out how to program your Trax?

Re simulation, here’s the trick for Connexx 8 (and don’t know if that’s relevant). Select an instrument, then click the icon in the middle for simulation mode (a picture of a monitor with an HA on it). It works!

But it seems to forget each time you load the client. I find I have to pick another instrument, select simulation mode, and then go back to the instrument I really want – select it again, then click the simulation icon.

I’m wondering about the answer, too.

But maybe that’s the answer :frowning: Which is too bad because there are some awfully good deals on used Costco aids on eBay.