ConnectLine TV problem

I’m hoping someone can help as I’m incredibly frustrated. Just got new Oticon Agil MiniRites (love them!) and also purchased the streamer with the tv and phone ConnectLine.

I have had no success getting sound with the ConnectLine TV on three tv’s. I am able to pair the system but when turned on there is just a “shhhhhhhssss” and no audio. What I know:

  • System pairs and I hooked it through the microphone jack with the adapter and received clear audio.
  • First tv is an LG and has only optical audio luck there
  • Next two tv's are Sony Bravia sets about 3 years old. Each has an analog audio output and an optical audio output.
I hooked the ConnectLine to the analog audio output on each of the Sony tv's and it paired and connected. But there is no sound into my hearing aides.

I cannot find anything through the tv options on the set, or in the Bravia user manual that suggests there is a method to change from analog to optical audio output.

Thoughts/help please? My primary purpose in getting the streamer was for the tv! Oticon has zero technical assistance or am I overlooking something?

Thanks for any help.

If I remember this correctly, on the tv streamer box there are two inputs. One for the tv audio line out and one for a microphone that came with the oticon tv streamer. Make sure that you are plugged into the proper port on the oticon tv streamer box. They are labeled A and B or something like that. Check the manual to confirm which is which.

I used the little mic when I was using the Oticons. It worked pretty well.

Hope this helps.

Which model Bravia do you have? I have the KDL46W3000 myself, though not the Oticons or any Blue-tooth setup. In the XMB setup screens for my model, I can select to use the Internal Speakers, or to use an External Connection. Selecting External disables the TV’s speakers. So if you have a similar model, and hear sound from the TV’s speakers … then the External is turned off. Personally, I have the sound going from my satellite box directly to my Home Theater Receiver and do not use the TV sound at all.

Yes, you are correct there is an A and B and I have plugged it in correctly. It works with the microphone option on the tv as well but that kills any tv sound.

NeilK…I believe I have the same model. Are you suggesting that in order to use it I must have external speakers as well? In other words that the “audio out” analog connection would not work solely to the bluetooth? (not sure I am explaining it correctly).
I guess to me logically this would make no sense as a “selling point” (never mind the fact that it isn’t mentioned). The user guide states to just connect to audio out (red and white) and pair the streamer.

The user guide for the Oticon link, not for the TV states how easy it is. That is a fine and valid selling point for them. The user guide for my TV however states that you can choose between the external or internal speakers, and choosing one or the other disables the other option. As with most electronics, connect an outside speaker source, such as a headphone jack, and the internal speakers are disabled. Using external speakers isn’t quite as automatic as the headphone, but does require selecting which source the more limited TV amplifier should send the sound to. TV speakers are NOT known for their excellent sound quality, no matter what brand. With today’s HD TV’s especially, people demanding great HD and Blueray excellence are also wanting the sound quality to go with such. Most TV’s offer you the option of listening via the TV’s internal speakers, or via an external sound system. Even the “Home Theater In a Box” solutions are reasonably decent sound quality at low prices, and usually offer you an entry-level home theater receiver that may, or may not, support multiple sound outputs available at the same time. Before jumping on one of them though, make sure it does allow you to output sound to different devices simultaneously. The other option is a separate Home Theater Receiver and either a stereo (2.1) or 5.1 or 7.1 set of speakers.

Thank you Neil…that is exactly the issue I am encountering and I now understand why it is one or the other. What I do NOT understand is how Oticon isn’t addressing this.

My audiologist did contact them for support and I was told I can get the following converter to use for the optical audio out…

But…I now assume that is not going to solve the problem if my tv will only provide me two options…basically on or off.

I will head to Best Buy and hope they might be able to assist me (as my technical ability in this area is sorely lacking) in finding an output that supports one more than device simultaneously.

I appreciate your clear explanation.


We had the same problem with our tv only having the one outlet for sound output. We got a splitter specifically made for this at Radio Shack. It was under $15, as I recall.

That is fine, but … you still would have to choose to use external speakers, disabling the TV’s own internal speakers. Therefore you still need a sound system. Such a splitter though would allow you to go with the less expensive Home Theater In A Box solution. This is a combination of basic receiver and either 5.1 or 7.1 speakers. If the system does support multiple sound outputs, the 5.1 plus a separate stereo channel or sound output, then you would not need the splitter. Most likely though, with the basic receiver, you would need that splitter as well.

I contacted Oticon regarding this - as it is not my experience. Oticon advise that
"Unfortunately some HD TVs will NOT route the sound as analoque output on the RCA plugs, even though the same TV will in fact route analogue sound to the RCA plugs when watching non HD/non digital TV.”
Oticon suggest that if no other working analogue outputs are available then try
a) using an external microphone for the TV adapter (available from Oticon via your audiologist), Part Number 890-52-290-00 , or
b) using a Digital to Analogue converter between the TV and the TV adapter - as per Fairwaypugs last post (available from Radio Shack/ Dick Smiths etc)

I connect my transmitter (Sennheiser SET or Oticon) using the audio out of the cable box rather than the TV output. Cable box connects Video & Audio to the TV via HDMI and I use a separate Audio cable from Cable box to Audio transmitter (In your case the Connectline TV transmitter)

TV volume to the room is not affected and someone changing the TV volume does not affect me.

Only shortfall to this is that I can’t use the system for listening to DVDs or Playstation games since they are not running thru the cable box.

First…thanks to everyone for your help and ideas!

Squeezer…thank you as this may be the option I need to solve it as simply as possible. (I’m technologically incompetent)

I’m out of town until Friday but will give this a try when I return home.

Happy Thanksgiving to all