Connecting Oticon ConnectLine to my TV


This is my first post: I will soon be a first-timer HA wearer, when I take delivery of my Oticon Intiga 10 in a couple of weeks.

I am interested in the ConnectLine but not sure how I would connect it to my HDTV, which only has a digital audio out. It appears that the ConnectLine comes with an RCA-to-RCA cable.

Would I have to buy a digital-to-analog converter? I would think that a lot of other people would be in the same boat, having a newer TV that has only digital audio out.

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I think the only way is to buy a converter. I think we need to let the TV manufacturers know that they need to include a standard audio out on their TV’s for items such as TV adapters for those who have trouble hearing the TV. Unless we let them know, they will continue to produce products that won’t work unless we spend more money so we can hear it.

We need to let home theater manufacturers know that we exist too.

My Surflink Media has analog and digital inputs. My home theater system only has analog outputs. The analog outputs do not contain the signal from any digital inputs. So I get no sound from my television or Blu-Ray player. I think this is done to restrict copying the digital audio. If there was also a digital output, my device would work fine.

Hi, you can connect to the headphone output . You do not worry, the streamer does not work in stereo, sound quality is not very good.

There is no headphone output on my TV. What now?

You are going to have to buy a converter, you can call your TV manufacturers 800 number and ask them how to connect it and where to buy the converter or maybe get them to send it to you if you live in the US, tell them you have a disability and under the Americans with Disabilities Act they have to provide you with the means to use their product. A friend of mine used this approach and they sent him what he needed.

My Panasonic Viera HDTV has neither an analog audio-out nor a headphone jack, only a digital audio-out. Did your friend contact the TV manufacturer or Oticon?


He contacted the TV manufacturer. Does the TV have a Scart outlet That you can get a audio scart card adapter? That might be another way to hook into the audio.