Connecting hearing aids to Yamaha surround sound system

Have a Phonak tv connector that works when connected to tv, but does not transmit if I select Foxtel or DVD player. This is why I want to connect to Yamaha 2071 receiver so I can transmit from these devices to my hearing aids and still have sound coming from the surround sound speakers.
Any help appreciated.

You might find some of the information in the following or other related threads helpful. I got a TOSLINK powered splitter. Part of the output goes to my ReSound TV Streamer 2. The other output out of the splitter goes to our YAMAHA amplifier and speakers. YMMV depending on what outputs are available to you. Not selling Amazon but searching there may give you an inkling of what sorts of devices, cables, splitters, etc., are available to help you out.

Thanks for the post. As I am not high on technology, can you tell me where you plug in the the splitter is it the back of the Yamaha?

Sorry I overlooked your query reply for some reason. Replying to a poster, rather than just the thread, is “safer” as then I’ll get notified for sure.

My Yamaha amplifier is from 2004 (an HTR-5740) so hopefully if you have a Yamaha (and it’s newer), it will also have digital optical audio input. On mine, the input is on the back lower left of the rear panel (left when facing the rear panel). Memory is pretty vague here but since optical connectors are dust-sensitive, there may be a cap or cover over the area and there is a “trapdoor” on the Toslink plug itself that is pushed out of the way when you insert the connector, which probably has a protective dust cap that you’ll need to remove before using it, if I remember correctly.

I just looked now as best I could through the back of our TV stand. The unused ports do have dust caps. Am correcting my initial version of this post. Just noticed the manual diagram is for the HTR-5750 and in the notes below the HTR-5750 diagram, the input #2 for the HTR-5740 is different and is for DTV/CBL - so I apparently managed to use the correct input for digital audio output from our TV after all. The best thing is to find the manual for your amplifier, unless you have either the HTR-5750 or 54740. Hope this helps!

Many thanks for your comments. I have been in contact with a Yamaha technician and he confirmed that my Yamaha 2071 does not have the audio output connection that I would need. So I will just wait until I replace my system perhaps next year.
Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

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I suspect your receiver does have an analog headphone output jack. You can feed that to the TV Connector and it will send whatever source signal you have selected with the receiver. The hangup is that output to any traditional speakers is muted if the headphone jack is used. This approach lets your receiver remote control volume. If you are alone it works but not as well as the optical digital output. Source components likely will have optical out jacks. It is more rare on receivers but you can find it. But be alert to check prior to purchase.

Thanks for your comment, will keep looking.