Connect Hearing will price match Costco Phonak Brio? or Spam?

A brand new member is saying in this >> post << that Connect Hearing will price match The Costco Phonak Brio price of $2700/Pair.

Not only that, but you can get the next generation technology, namely the Phonak Audeo V90.

Not only that, but you can get the next generation Bluetooth package (Compilot II and TV Link) thrown in for free.

That seems too good to be true, right? Anyone else hear talk of price matching Costco?

To summarize; this thread is discussing price matching of…
Costco’s older Quest (Q90) technology
minus three features (echoblock, tinnitus, and CROS)
and the older version of Bluetooth technology/ComPilot for an extra $300 or so…
---------- VS -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Phonak’s newest Venture series (V90) technology
plus the three missing features (echoblock, tinnitus, and CROS)
plus next generation Bluetooth technology/ComPilot Air II Bluetooth devices for free

Costco’s Phonak Brio is the same as Phonak Audeo Q90, except the Brio is minus the tinnitus and EchoBlock features. Both the Costco Phonak Brio and the Phonak Audeo Q90 are one generation back from the Phonak Audeo V90 which has a new platform/chip with twice the processing power and up to 30% less battery consumption. The new Audeo V90 also has next generation streaming features.

It might be possible. Seeing as Connect has only itself to compete against as they are owned by the parent company that owns Phonak, I suppose they have no choice but to bend over and take it. Sonova created this mess, and now they rightfully should own up and swallow their own bitter medicine.

Connect Hearing Aids has a price match policy. It has a number of stipulations:

I read the price match policy. There were no overly harsh stipulations.

Holy moley! If Connect Hearing is price matching Costco then I don’t understand Sonova’s business model. First you allow Costco to sell discounted previous generation hearing aids (HAs). Then, you price match Costco and provide newer technology at the same discounted price?? Wouldn’t that leave private practice audiologists who sell Phonak HAs at a disadvantage or in other words, hung out to dry?

I don’t think most Connect Hearing providers will price match Costco. They’re likely to take a more strict interpretation of the price match policy than the OP’s provider did, that the hearing aids need to be apples to apples. Costco’s products are not technically identical to the versions that private dispensers sell.

That makes sense rasmus. Maybe new member gastarre just got lucky.

They do say they will price match private branded products if they are at normal price, but will not price match special promotions. They will also only price match on the brand/model of aid that their audiologist recommends to correct the patient’s hearing.

I have no information on any Connect Hearing outlet, except the store in Encino, California. Whether it was luck or not, I can’t say. I just know that they have provided top notch prompt service, matched Costco on price, and provided extras such as 3 years batteries and the Compilot Air with TV Link. Given that I liked the product (the Phonak V90), the personal service provided by the staff, and the price, I had no reason not to go with them. No one has to take my word for it – just call them.

We are taking your word for it. We’re just surprised!

After everything I had read, I was a bit surprised as well, pleasantly so.

It just so happens we got a flyer in the mail today from Connect Hearing.

I don’t live anywhere near Encino, CA. So I called my local Connect Hearing to ask if they would price match Costco, and more specifically if they would price match the Costco Phonak Brio?

Yes! The answer was yes. At least according to the receptionist. She said on my first appointment I should bring in something printed that shows the price. That shouldn’t be too difficult. The Costco website says:
–Open Fit $899.99 to $1,399.99 Each
–Bluetooth Capable $899.99 to $1,399.99 Each

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My small local Connect Hearing office has been very helpful in answering questions and encouraged me to experience first hand the hearing improvements I might achieve while going about my daily activities. The HIS provided evaluation units to test (I’ve tried both Phonak Audeo Q90 vs V90) and took the initiative to communicate with corporate regarding Costco pricing and technology match.

I have been very happy with their level of service and willingness to work with me regarding pricing and they were also very reasonable regarding technology upgrades as well.

Thanks for you reply Pell. The $64,nnnn question is, Did your local Connect Hearing office price match Costco’s Phonak Brio (which is almost same as Phonak Audeo Q90) and offer you a Phonak Audeo V90 for the same price of $2700/$2800?

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I’m wondering if I’m reading this thread right? Last year I tried a pair of Q90’s from Connect and I was impressed with them. I asked the cost and they told me they were right around $5800.00. Reading this thread, by purchasing them from Costco it would cut the price in half, or close to it?

Yep, minus the tinnitus and EchoBlock features that is correct.

Though what we are looking to find out in this thread is whether Connect Hearing will match that low price and give you the newer technology Phonak Audeo V90s?

I’d just confirm, not wanting to offend anyone, that my local Connect Hearing was willing to match my local Costco’s Phonak Brio pricing by offering the Phonak Audeo Q90 (with Tinnitus and Echo Block) as part of their excellent service/accessory package. Understandingly, they were unwilling to directly match Costco with the newer Audeo V90.

However, additional research showed average pricing differences between the Phonak Audeo Q90 and V90 platforms, as offered by many web vendors/retailers to be approximately $50-150 per unit. Based on these numbers, I went back and offered to pay a cost delta, beyond the originally offered Costco price match for the Q90, that would cover an upgrade to the newest Audeo V90 platform. They were open to this discussion and we were able to agree to a final price for the V90.

In summary, my local Connect Hearing offered excellent customer service along with a flexible price match policy and rational upgrade path at a very reasonable and fair price. Hopefully they are all that way and you will have similar success. Good luck!

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Thanks again Pell for your helpful postings.

pvc, I am hoping that as others interact and explore their options with Connect Hearing they will come back and share their experiences via this post so we can all benefit as a community.

So far, I am pleased with the V90s. Out of curiousity, has anyone who trialed both the V90 and Q90 (or Brio) been able to tell any differences?

:slight_smile: Decided to get the Phonak V90’s at my local Bellevue WA Connect Hearing store earlier today.

As stated earlier in this thread, my local Connect Hearing store was willing to match the local Costco price of $2600 for the Phonak Brio by offering the Audeo Q90 as a replacement even though their version of the Audeo Q90 includes the Tinnitus and Echo Block features missing in the Costco Brio.

With this as a starting point, we discussed what it would take to update to the newer Audeo V90. I pointed out the typical advertised retail cost difference between the Audeo Q90 and V90 models to be approximately $100 per unit and offered to pay this retail difference… They thought about it, sent some emails back and forth over a day or two and made a counteroffer.

In the end, we agreed on a price of under $3000 for a pair of Audeo V90 312T aids :cool:. We both walked away happy! :slight_smile:

In summary:

YES, my local Connect Hearing did match Costco pricing… Brio with Phonak Audeo Q90!

EVEN BETTER, they provided a reasonable cost upgrade path to the newer V90 technology.

Take the time to understand what it is they will provide so you can directly compare. While not exactly the same as Costco in all respects, I did find their package offering to be quite reasonable, competitive, and in some ways more advantageous to me.

Each individual must arrive at their own conclusions… nothing like an informed consumer!