Connect Hearing-Garden Grove, Ca Excellent place to get aids!


I just wanted to advise anyone out there that I found a great place to buy hearing aids, Connect Hearing in Garden Grove, Ca. Eric is the Technician/Owner there and is way better than some top level places with Audiologists I went to. I’ve had Hearing Devices for 5 years now. I used to go to House of Ear for example. But he is way better and will save you money as well! There are Options your insurance might offer like Epic Heath Care-866-956-5400. You might not even need Insurance to use Epic-they can save you 50%

Eric was extremely patient and competent on the latest technology-I got a brand new Phonak M50’s-with Blue Tooth…very helpful to use your cell phone without outward noise! Let me know if I can provide further assistance.
My email is

Good luck

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Thanks Rich. You are referring to House of Ear in LA (or at least affiliated with them I assume)? I have a great guy in Costa Mesa, sounds a lot like Eric, but it’s nice to have a plan B.



Hi Grant:

Yes, I was referring to House of Ear in Garden Grove actually…used to be a great place but even then, Connect and Epic Insurance will save you thousands…but Epic handles business as good as can be. Good luck!