Connect Clip Definite release date



I am having an issue with excessive background noise the party on the other end of the call is experiencing. It is actually quite amazing the sounds that the mic picks up. Yesterday I was on the phone using the connect clip and there was a sparrow chirping about 200 feet away and the other party could hear it like the sparrow was right in front of me… My audiologist has made several adjustments with no luck. I have seen a few posts of other people on other forums having the same issue but have not seen anyone being able to resolve this issue.

I am testing this today to see how well it will work. I took a piece of clear Scotch brand shipping tape and placed it over the front of the connect clip mic. This seems to have resolved the background noise. I made several test calls with and without the tape on the connect clip mic and everyone said the call had little to no background noise with the tape on the mic and they could still hear me clearly. I will see how well it does today while talking with customers.


I wonder if your audi reduced the Remote Mic loudness in the ConnectClip -> General Perception to the left most Softer value or not? I’ve seen another poster was complaining that his ConnectClip mic was excessively sensitive and it turned out that his audi had that setting turned all the way up.

Below is the screen shot of the ConnectClip menu in Genie 2 for reference. That’s the only place that I know of for ConnectClip adjustments.


My audi did adjust the settings for this to the softest setting a few months ago. No change in the amount of background noise.


I wish I could make my own adjustments so I could try various settings to see what may or may not work.


OK, thanks for sharing the tip about putting Scotch tape over it to filter out more sounds. That’s good to know. I don’t have the ConnectClip yet but it’s good to know when I plan to get one.