Connect Clip Definite release date



I heard from a local audiologist whose office can now order Oticon Connect Clip for $250 USD today. I am unsure however when it will arrive and how long it’ll take for them to receive an order. I have made inquiries.


My order is in. They told me next week last week. I’ve heard on this board or wherever the ConnectClips are backordered so I’m not giving much hope.

Lots of talk on the Oticon Facebook pages:


I am seeing that some are paying $250 US, does that include programming/firmware update? I purchased my HAs online, so not sure what a fair price for this is? I will have to send these back for an update.


I’ll assume you are asking about Firmware updates to your Oticon Opn’s so that they can communicate with the Oticon Connect Clip. That depends on who you buy the Connect Clip from.

Whoever updates your Opn hearing aid Firmware will have to save your settings first, then update the firmware (which is destructive in that it resets your Opn’s back to factory settings), then restore your original settings/programming.

Maybe your online seller can save/update/restore your Opn’s and then they are good to go.


The firmware update should be independent from the price of the ConnectClip and whether you even buy the ConnectClip or not. Even if you don’t buy the ConnectClip, you’d still want to get the latest Firmware 5.0 update anyway.


Thanks, that’s understood, but the real question, is how much I should pay for the clip + firmware update?


You should pay nothing for the firmware update even if you bought online. Ask your online seller to set you up for a firmware update for free. That should have been part of the package unless they had clearly stated otherwise.

As to the price of the ConnectClip being $250, as far as I can tell, that’s the European selling price after having converted the Euro to USD. I’m not aware of any legit US authorized sources selling it for $250 yet. If you find a US authorized source selling it for $250, you should go for it because I think that’s a good price. My expectation is that the US price will be between $300-$350.


My audi told me last week that their ConnectClip price is $299. Don’t know if that includes the firmware update, but I would assume it does because the ConnectClip is useless without the version 5.0 firmware update.


I’m finally picking up my ConnectClip tomorrow - are there any special settings needed for it on my new OPN1’s to act like my Streamer Pro does (on SP-8’s) ? Specifically I need the ability to turn off the aid microphones when it’s streaming music or phone calls. On the Streamer Pro I just push a up/down button in for two seconds and it turns off the microphones. Hopefully it’s similarly simple on the ConnectClip.

Is there any definitinitive info on how to reduce background noise with it during calls yet? Reading this thread suggests turning down the mic, and turning up the output volume if calls are quiet. I’m one of the first to get the Clip at my audi, so I dont think he’ll be an expert yet.

@debbie_o the firmware update to 5.0 should be free or at very minimal cost. It’s 3 minutes work for the audiologist to do (I had my OPNs updated last month to 5.0)


For a more permanent adjustment, have your audi change the M relative to Remote Mic setting as seen below to the leftmost value.

But I think that’s only for the Remote Mic mode. To minimize the Mic volume for phone call or music streaming from a Bluetooth device, go to the Phone tab (to the left of the ConnectClip tab) and do the same setting on M Relative to Phone.

Another way to do it now without having to wait for your audi to program the above into Genie for you is simply to click down on the left OPN volume button to reduce the OPN mic noise, or hold either OPN button for 3 seconds to mute both OPN mics.


Just got a notice the ConnectClip is in. They quoted me $154.95. Pick it up tomorrow. Hope its not a typo.


No way! If that price is real I want one even though I have an iPhone.


I paid $300 (in fairness this was to an audiologist who I didn’t buy my HAs from).


I’m just guessing that the $155 price quote is the audi’s at cost price,


Well my appt. for the ConnectClip was cancelled today due to issues at Oticon. They say programming website is down to resolve an issue. Whatever that means. Makes me wonder if this clinic never updated to the latest software 5.0 and firmware. Why would they need Oticon if they have their software updated? BUT I asked to confirm the price of the clip and yes it’s $154.95. a lot lower than everyone else is reporting. Either they bought in bulk (which I doubt), a customer incentive perk or there is a mass conspiracy in profit taking.

ps. Of course I suspect maybe they didn’t know that the ConnectClip doesn’t work without the software updates


Would you mind asking if they would sell the CC to people remotely and ship to them?


Got my Connect Clip today. Pairing took quite a bit of time as it would connect to one hearing aid or the other, but not both. But after trying to attempt pairing in a different room, the CC paired quickly with my aids.

I also was able to successfully pair my CC with my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus phone or the Sennheisser BTD 800 Bluetooth USB dongle to hear webinars/YouTube from my laptop, but I could not pair to both at the same time, confirming that this is a single point and not a multi-point device as some have reported.

I can also confirm that I can remain paired to my Samsung phone and my alternative phone iPhone X at the same time, without issue. I will be doing more tests to gauge the quality of these audio streams, contrast them against iPhone’s Live Listen versus CC’s remote microphone feature, and the battery life. Overall, I’m happy that I can control my aids remotely with the CC in my pocket without fumbling through a phone.


Sorry they will not. Special price for clients. They will not sell me the programming equipment either naturally. Anyway I like the mute hearing aid mics option on the CC. Can’t wait to try it out.


Is anyone experiencing issues with excessive background noise while on a phone call. I was never able to get this resolved even after several trips to my audiologist. I contacted Oticon directly and they suggested muting the mics on the OPN’s when on a call but that has not worked either.


You’ll need to clarify. Is it excessive background noise that YOU hear from your end while you’re on the phone with your OPN muted? Or is it excessive background noise your other party complains about hearing from their end while they’re talking to you on the phone?

If the later, when it’s probably because you’re in a noisy place and the ConnectClip mic just picks up all the sounds around you for the other party to hear. You can probably adjust the sensitivity of the ConnectClip remote mic to a lower value to help in this case.

If it’s the earlier, then you’ll need to clarify further if it’s the excessive background noise for sounds around you, or if it’s excessive background noise from the other end where the other party is at that you’re hearing through their phone’s mic. If it’s the earlier, then you can mute the mic on the OPN manually, or adjust the relative volume of the OPN mic relative to the volume of the remote mic in the Genie 2 ConnectClip setting. If it’s the later (noise from your other party’s end) then I don’t think you can do anything on your end to clean it up, except to tell your caller to go to a more quiet area to talk to you.