Connect Clip Definite release date



The Opn ConnectClip-Tab/volume-sliders is a “poster-child-event” for why we need the ability to self program our own hearing aids.


Any updates on this demo unit and availability information, @audiometrix_hearing?


Nothing. I’ll post as soon as it shows up.


Kinda disappointed to see that your audi maxed out the Remote Mic Loudness without thinking about the consequences of doing that. I know the ConnectClip setting is new and all, but if a non-professional like me can guess what effect it would have if you max it out, why can’t a hearing professional stop to think twice about what making that change means before doing it? They wasted a lot of their patient’s time in this case because they don’t want to truly learn what’s supposed to be their craft in the first place.


I’d add that even if you don’t want to self program, having the software and becoming familiar with it gives you the potential to get more out of your hearing aids by understanding their potential.


Couldn’t agree more. I just recently bought a programmer and would never want to go back. I love the fact that I can make changes and try them - if I don’t like it - change it back in just a few minutes.


Where did you purchase it from and what do they cost.


I bought the MiniPro programmer from I got the Flexstrips and CS44 left and right programming cables shipped for $250 total. I did not find the programmer listed on the website but clicked on the “contact us” option and requested a price on the 3 items. I received an email quote for $250. It didn’t say how to order so I called them at (888) 862-2370 and gave the quote # and they took my order. No mention about shipping on the quote but I was not charged for it. It took about a week to arrive and came well packed with the cables (tell them for what aids you have) and a software disk and instructions. Did not need the software drivers as Windows 10 loaded drivers automatically. They will not supply the programming software for your hearing aids so be sure you can find it before your order. Topic on that subject here. Hope this helps. This was by far the best deal when I bought mine about a month ago, anyway.
The connecting cables have very small contact pins and are pretty tedious to connect and delicate. Align the tiny red dots!


seeing more recent (google) references for Oticon ConnectClip within the past few days;
has anyone see them available for order in the USA yet?


It’s available for ordering now and started shipping out yesterday.


I just ordered a Connect Clip and a ConnectLine TV 3.0 from ( in Luton, England.
The Clip was $234 and the Connectline TV was $170 shipping was about $6.
I also called them Telephone: 0208 099 7402 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) to check shipping_ it’s by Royal Mail as little as 3 days to US. They take PayPal and generally ship same day ordered. Price was the best I have seen mentioned.


I checked with my audi by e-mail after reading the above post. He said that they were getting them in (finally), but didn’t have a price yet. Since I don’t have the programming hardware to update the firmware to version 5.0, I didn’t want to buy online. I’ll need my audi to update my aids. Besides, any issues (outside of the feedback issue discussed earlier), will be worked out. Looking forward to this. Tired of holding the phone emphasized textup to my mouth or my HA’s hitting the keys if I hold the phone to my ear.


Just curious as to why everyone is happy that U.K./European phone clips will run in the US without any sign-off, even though there are different carrier frequencies for GSM, DECT and WiFi.
I’m not saying you’ll get problems or the US device will be physically different, but I’d honestly be inclined to hold out for the US version release, especially in light of the propensity of the Opn to suffer from interference clicks.


Bluetooth is the same. Also there are those who have bought UK versions and they work fine. 2.4G and 5G wifi frequencies are used in UK. Also my US spec phone works anywhere on GSM with a sim from a local carrier Have also used wifi in Europe, UK and Asia.


Jfoxx is right, the regular Bluetooth standard between devices and the ConnectClip should be the same universally anywhere. The different carrier frequencies like GSM or CDMA or 3G/4G/LTE or the new 600-700MHz bands are just between the phones and the service providers (carriers) and have nothing to do with the regular Bluetooth standard.

As for the 2.4GHz protocol between the ConnectClip and the OPNs, that technology is licensed by Oticon from the CEVA RivieraWaves BLE technology so it should be the same anywhere universally.


And if it needs repair? That opens a bag of worms.


Oticon’s warranty document doesn’t mention any national limitations as long as the product is purchased from an licensed provider.


They must have had production/software issues as they have really bungled communications about this. I’ve tried to get responses from them via FB direct messages and posting to their FB page. I did get a curt response from them a few months ago, but it was not exactly friendly or apologetic.

I even tried to Link in with the President and their product manager…

I really like their product, but they would be smart to be more open…


That wasn’t my point, I expect that it will work under all the situations needed, but the the fact that there’s a delay in th US release, means that there’s either a hardware issue in relation to the device conformity with US standards OR the product sign-off isn’t as straightforward as envisaged.


OK, ANOTHER month goes by… It’s now the end of JANUARY, 2018. Does ANYBODY have a REAL date when this thing is going to actually be available in the US? And how much they’re going to charge for it?