Connect Clip Definite release date



The nice thing about the ConnectClip is that you will be able to use you HA’s with Android phones with the CC.


As you can see in the pic above, you can adjust the left and right side independently if you click on the “link” symbol (the infinity sign) in the middle to break up the link adjustment. With the link on, whatever adjustment you make to one side will be done to the other side automatically. With the link off, you’ll have to adjust both sides independently.

This page I showed is not for the Oticon ON app. It’s for the Genie 2 programming app that your audi uses. Therefore it’s independent of whether you’re interfacing with the iPhone or the Android phone. Remember, you can also use the ConnectClip with the iPhone just as well if you want to use the ConnectClip’s built-in mic function.

Going above 3dB or 9dB would not increase and cause noticeable distortion as long as there’s enough headroom on your OPN to increase the volume by that match. It depends on how much headroom you have left from your default value at 0dB. I’d imagine that if your available headroom left is only 3dB, the 9dB box in the picture would be greyed out.


I had the adjustments made today on my OPN’s and now the in call volume is working well. I do believe the audi had to max our the setting and I did have him change the setting to mute the external mic’s when on a phone call. I also had the media volume increased a bit. So far everything else seems to be working well.

Now for the big issue. The microphone on the ConnectClip is picking up ALOT of background noise when on a phone call. I asked my audi if this was something he could adjust within the ConnectClip and he was not aware of any settings that could be adjusted. While driving in a vehicle and talking on the phone I have had several people tell me it sounds like I am in a wind tunnel. I decided to do a comparison with my StreamerPro since that has worked well over the years. 6 out of 6 people I called to test said the StreamerPro sounded better than the ConnectClip. Both while driving and while stationary. They did say that my voice did sound very good and very clear while on the ConnnectClip but that there was too much background noise compared to the StreamerPro.

This is a big disappointment for me. I am going to reach out to Oticon and see if they have been running across this issue with any other users.


ConnectClip has been a big disappointment to me for about 18 months now. A mediocre product after a nearly interminable wait… I really used to think highly of Oticon, but I’m no longer a believer.


Not sure where best to put this in, but Genie Updater finally updated for me. If I remember correctly there was a fair amount of discussion of the latest update of Genie 2 being necessary to use the Connect Clip.


I will add that the sound quality of media stream is extremely good. Much better than I expected. I did get a reply from Oticon regarding the background noise with the CC mic. They requested my settings from the OPN’s. Not sure how the OPN’s settings would affect the sensitivity of the CC mic but I will be sending the settings to Oticon support as soon as I get them from my audi.


I think you mean the Connect Link device. Connect Clip is new and hasn’t been released in the US yet. It recently became available in the UK.

I’ve heard several comments from UK users about background noise. It is the type of device I’d like to get, but the background noise issues have me concerned.


I ordered a CC from the UK and had it shipped to the US. I was lucky enough to have an audiologist that had the firmware update for my OPN’s. I have had it for a couple weeks now and have most of the bugs worked out except for the background noise.


Did you try to have your audi change the Connect Clip remote mic loudness set to less sensitive in Genie 2? It can be turned down to either -3dB to -9dB. This way it should be less sensitive and pick up less background noise hopefully if you wear it close enough to your mouth.

I even wonder now if your audi not just increased the phone loudness for you up to 9dB, but maybe he/she also increased the ConnectClip remote mic loudness up to 9dB as well, which would make it extremely sensitive and pick up background noise more easily. If that’s what he/she did, have them put it back to 0dB. If that’s not what they did (it’s at 0dB by default), then have them reduce it down to either -3dB or -9dB.

I’d be surprised that Oticon would mess up the remote mic sensitivity on the ConnectClip like you described if they had it right with the StreamerPro in the first place. I suspect that your audi set it to be too sensitive (+9dB), so we’ll see.


He did not change any settings on the mic as I do not think he was aware that he could. In the screenshot, you attached there is a note at the bottom: “These settings apply to remote Mic mode only. For phone sound settings, use Phone tab”. If adjustments are made here will it also adjust the mic setting for phone calls? I am thinking that it might but not sure. I will have my OPN settings in the morning via email but I don’t think I can see what they are without the Geni 2 software. I will report back after Oticon support looks at the settings.


There is no mic setting in the Phone tab as it pertains to what you speak into for the phone call. In the phone tab, the phone volume setting (default at 0dB) on the top is for what you hear. Most likely this is what he increased to 9dB by your audi to fix your listening problem, assuming that you already upped the volume on the phone to the max already and it was still not loud enough for you.

The second tab pertains to the mics on your OPN picking up background sound while you’re on the phone. At the default 0dB on the right most side, it picks up everything normally. If you want to reduce what your OPN mics picks up so you can hear the phone call better, then you can reduce this.

If you’re not using the ConnectClip then the mic on your iPhone is used and there’s no sensitivity setting for it.

If you’re using the ConnectClip then I assume that the Remote Mic Loudness in the ConnectClip tab is where you set the mic on the ConnectClip which you’ll speak into for the other person at the other end of the call to hear you. I’m assuming that there’s only one mic on the ConnectCliip, so the mic used for phone calls is the same as the remote mic used for other things (like a lecturer). So you can adjust the sensitivity of this ConnnectClip remote mic for the other person on the other end to hear on phone calls if you’re in the phone mode. If you’re in the Remote Mic mode then it serves the other purpose for you to hear better.

And again just below that is the adjustment of the OPN mics relative to the remote mic on the ConnectClip. If you want to hear both types of mics then leave it at default. If you just want to hear from the remote mic then reduce the OPN mic setting to mute out the background around YOU that the OPN mics might pick up.


Great information, Thanks! I will let you know what Oticon support says. I have a feeling that you are spot on with how the mic adjustment works.


No, I meant the ConnectClip.


But it hasn’t been released yet in the US.


Let’s try again. 1) I’ve been waiting 18 months for this to come out and 2) comments from those who’ve gotten one aren’t glowingly positive.


With my Agile Pro aids, the Lapel Mic could further reduce background noise by turning the program button on the ConnectLine Streamer to my speech in noise program. This should hopefully also work with the ConnectClip. Can anyone confirm this?


You are 100% corrrect in your statistics. We have been waiting 18 months for the ConnectClip. The one person that has received it has posted about some difficulties with it. I think you might want to wait for some more reports before you throw in the towel.


You were spot on with the mic setting. Just heard back regarding my settings and my mic was maxed out. I will report back as soon as I have it adjusted. Other than the issue with the mic settings I am very impressed with the CC so far. The media streaming quality is night and day over the Streamer Pro as well as the call audio.


He was only very impressed and not glowingly positive! Dang!!
What a disappointment!


@pvc, I see you finally found your smile.:laughing: