Connect Clip Definite release date



A 6s (new or used) would also work nicely; the difference between it and the 7/8 is very small. And you get a headphone jack!


Received my ConnectClip today and had my OPN’s updated to the 5.0 firmware. I can get the ConnectClip to pair with the OPN’s but it will only pair with one of them. When going through the pairing processes again the ConnectClip will then pair to the opposite OPN device. Has anyone run across an issue like this?


Just discovered another issue. Before the 5.0 firmware update, I did have the Oticon Android App installed and my OPN’s were paired with the App correctly. I used the Android app mainly for watching TV. After the 5.0 firmware update, I uninstalled the Android App and re-installed it. Now the App will only pair to one OPN. Same issue as the ConnectClip. The App will find both of the OPN’s when paring but will give you an option of which OPN to Pair with and you cannot select both. I would have to say there must be an issue with the 5.0 Firmware update. The Android App shows the following Firmware for each OPN. Soft - 5.0 / Firmware au2cs3fw5.7.2. I have ticket into Oticon as well but thought I would post my findings here as well.


Problem Solved. All is Good. After giving up and waiting for a response from Oticon I put my OPN’s on to watch some TV and notice the Volume control buttons were not working on the back of the OPN’s. It hit me then that after the firmware update they did not upload my program back into the OPN’s. Was lucky enough to get into my regular audiologist this morning and that was exactly the issue. Uploaded my program and they are working like a charm.


Glad to hear! Still not sure why not uploading your previous programs would affect the pairing because it still should pair properly with the factory default settings. But as long as it works now then all is good.


By the way, you should share with us your opinion of the ConnectClip after you’ve used it for a while. Of special interest for many people on this forum is how well it works as a remote mic.


Not sure why the aids wouldn’t pair with factory defaults either. Under the factory default, the Oticon OPN is bluetooth capable and that shouldn’t affect the connectivity of HA’s.

However, it would be nice to have your HA’s programming in place after the update. Since the programming wasn’t there only the update, it caused an unnecessary trip back to the audi. Making a note to self to make sure program settings are reloaded after firmware 5.0 is installed.


The Connect Clip seems to be available in the U.K. now.


I thought I posted a quick review the other day but I am not seeing it listed here. First of all the ConnectClip is quite a bit smaller than the Streamer Pro. I tend to wear T-shirts quite often and the CC while small and light can be a bit difficult to wear on a T-shirt collar. Not a huge issue but one I noticed. The CC does come with two next loops which do work well. When wearing a button up shirt I do not even notice it is there. Sound Volume (Phone Calls) - Currently I am not using the CC and had to go back to my Streamer. The call volume is so low that I cannot hear the other party unless I am in a very very quiet area. This should be something my audi can adjust. I have an appt. next week to have the volume increased. Microphone - The microphone does seem to be extremely sensitive. It tends to pick quite a bit of background noise. I am not sure if this is something that my audi can adjust or not.

Voice Dialing / Google Assistant- These work very well. With the Streamer Pro I had to touch the phone button to initiate Google Assistant (through Bluetooth). The CC will activate Google Assistant through Bluetooth without having to push any buttons I have used an Android app called Touchless Notifications that will read my incoming emails and text messages for several years with my Streamer Pro and it works just as well with the CC. I will update my results after I have the settings updated. Please let me know if there are any specific questions you may have.


Look here instead, which was found using the magnifying glass for connect and for @hank1.


This comment jumped out at me. I do not have the Connect Clip. I merely use the Opn and an iPhone and the TV 3.0 streamer. Everything works just fine except that call audio from the phone is very faint. I thought the phone would output ‘line’ audio and the device (HA) would be used to tailor volume but it is nearly unusable. Perhaps your comment and this one will prompt some insights from others. Perhaps the faint call volume is something other than the CC.


I actually tried an iPhone when I first received my OPN’s and the call quality was actually very good. I had no issues with call volume at all. I would have your call volume settings changed in the OPN’s. I bet that will take care of it.


Thanks. I looked to see if it was user addressable but could find nothing. It is a full day and 100 miles to see the audi unfortunately.


That is a bit of a drive. The other thing you could look at is a volume booster app. I do not know what is available for the iPhone but I have used several from the Play Store and they have worked very well.


Thank you for the thought. Not a problem except timing. I moved to Apple from Android (reluctantly) to facilitate the Opn. I will do it natively if possible.

That leaves your issue unresolved.


The only thing you can control is your iphone volume. it’s most likely very faint to you because your iPhone volume is set too low. Just turn it up with the iPhone volume button. When I have mine to high, I can hear incoming voices loud and clear (or incoming streamed music audio).

The other place your audi can adjust for you in Genie 2 is the phone loudness as seen in the pic below. It’s default to 0dB (relative default loudness). The next notch up to the right is +3dB louder, then the right most notch is 9dB louder than normal.

As for the ConnectClip, if the remote mic is not loud enough for you, you can also increase it to 3dB or 9dB louder via Genie 2 as we…


Bingo. That image nails it. Designing that page is not a casual undertaking especially since it must span many cultures. I will confirm my local gain is up and also ask that my audi confirm where the setting for phone output is. Does the lack of L/R values on the connect clip device setting reflect that you use an iPhone interface? If you used Android I wonder if the connect clip options would change. Does going above 3db increase noticeable distortion? Thanks, very helpful.


I would have posted this earlier if I wasn’t rushed to the hospital yesterday, but my audi e-mailed me and told me the Oticon rep told him that the ConnectCljp would not be available in the US for a couple weeks yet. Yeah, right, we’ll see. If anyone has heard anthing different, let me know.


Our rep said in a week. They are sending us a demo, we’ll see how that goes.


I can talk on my phone now when leaving it on the desk. is this only available on the iPhone right now?