Connect Clip Definite release date



One issue for Oticon, I’d imagine would be the FCC approvals.

I think it unlikely, but it’s possible that the ConnectClip will have US-specific firmware

(analogy: WIFI devices can use channel “14” (802.11b?) in Japan, but, in theory,
not in the US. and there are different rules here inre transmit power, and interference)

for the moment, I’m hoping the US price won’t be much more than $200 USD.
the older Phonak gadgets (eg iCOM pilot were btw 300 – 500 initially)


We can all hope, but I realistically expect it to be around $300 USD.


Not sure what to expect, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were over $300


Sorry I meant to say $300 but I typed $200. I fixed it in my earlier post.


My audiologist ordered 6 ConnectClips while I was in the office today, here in Canada apparently they’re about to be released. Cant tell you the pricing as they were bundled in with a set of OPNs – which just got a firmware 5 update by the way to support ConnectClip i understand.


I will pose these questions to my audi, price and availability in US. My apointment is this morning.


My audi hasn’t heard about a release yet and doesn’t have the pricing. He will contact Oticon Monday to see what he can find out for me.


Thank you. I look forward to hearing of a successful audiologist-Oticon information share for this particular product.


I received he new Connectclip from a Melbourne clinic on Monday this week, but had a disappointing outcome.

I could get the clip to pair with my Android phone, but not with my OPN1s. The flashing yellow sync light kept flashing instead of switching to constant yellow. I emailed them a query about this & heard back that there is a firmware 5.0 release that I need to get flashed to my OPN1 before the clip will work.

I have a booking at a clinic on the Gold Coast in the morning to hopefully sort this out.


Yeah, Opn Firmware 5.0 is needed, it’s a short update, but it needs to be wired through a Hi-pro.


Please share with us your experience with the ConnectClip once you get your OPN updated with the firmware 5. I’m sure OPN owners on this forum are eager to know how well they work, especially as a remote mic.


I heard from a local audiologist in USA that Connect Clip in USA will be available only in January 2018, even though internationally it may be available sooner.


Hello everyone. I received my OPNs back in 2016 but have rarely used them due to not having the ConnectClip. I have used the Alta’s for several years with the streamer. I am on my phone a most of the day for work and I rely heavily on the streamer.

I placed an order for a Connect Clip from keephearing and should have it next week. I contacted them prior to placing the order to verify that it would work with the US version of the OPNs. They did confirm that it would in fact work. I am waiting to hear from my audiologist to see if she has the current firmware update. Has anyone purchased the European version for use in the US?


I am trying to decide if I really need the Connect Clip.

I have an iPhone X so no issues with calls via the phone and HAs. Where I was having issues:

I am on Skype or GoToMeeting calls sometimes several hours a day. When I do these, I remove my HAs, and use wired earbuds to have the conference. One I did it because before I got my HAs, I could not hear my clients. Now I can hear, them very well with my HAs, but I guess for their privacy, would prefer to have their part of the conversation not be from the computer speakers, even though I mostly work from home.

I also like to watch YouTube videos on my MacBook Pro, so again, I remove my HAs; and wear wired ear buds to listen. So, much of my day I am not actually using my HAs. I don’t watch much TV, but when I do, I can use the TV streamer.

So, what benefit, if any, would the Connect Clip offer?


Using Oticon OPN


If your computer has Bluetooth support, you will be able to use the ConnectClip to receive the audio from your computer and the ConnectClip will stream the audio to your OPN. You won’t even use the computer’s mic but instead you’ll be using the ConnectClip built-in mic. So it basically acts as a headset in concert with your OPN to allow you to Skype or GoToMeeting all day long.

If your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth support, you can purchase a USB dongle from Oticon (that should be released at the same time as the ConnectClip, I hope) and this USB dongle will be the middle man to transfer audio back and forth between your ConnectClip and your computer.

So yes, if you spend time all day long on your computer for Skype or GoToMeeting or even just listening to Youtube videos, then the ConnectClip will be VERY useful for you. You won’t need to use your earbuds anymore.

If you don’t want to buy the ConnectClip, you can always plug the audio out of your computer to your TV Streamer so that you can hear from your computer to your OPN via the TV Streamer. Remember it’s not for TV only. You can plug it into any device that has an audio output. If it’s not RCA type connector on the output but a mini-plug type like most laptops do where you plug your earbuds in, you can easily get a mini-plug to RCA converter from Amazon so you can connect it to your TV streamer’s RCA L&R inputs.

This way, you won’t need the ConnectClip. But you’ll have to talk into your PC’s mic. If you use the ConnectClip, you can walk away from your PC to somewhere else in the house and still be able to talk on the call via the built-in mic on the ConnectClip.


So in other words, you could use the microphone on the ConnectClip when talking on your iPhone and you won’t have to hold your phone up to your mouth so the other person can hear you? I hate doing that, it looks like you’re talking into a walkie talkie.

I’m also waiting to see how this works with Android phones. Maybe I’ll be able to replace my iPhone 6+ with a less expensive smartphone.


Yes, if you use the ConnectClip with your iPhone, you won’t have to talk into the iPhone’s mic port. You can leave your iPhone (or Android phone) on the desk or table or counter and walk around cooking or doing laundry or whatever and still be one the phone. Of course the trade off is that you’ll have to clip the ConnectClip somewhere on your body or maybe wear it on your neck.

I have full expectation that it should work just fine with Android phones or iPhones or any phone with Bluetooth support. I just bought an iPhone 6+ on eBay for only $335 (albeit a used one but in very good condition), so I’m not sure you can find another smart phone that much cheaper, although I know used Samsung Note 4 probably run for around $200 now.


I’m not thinking used phone or anything like that. I’m thinking instead of paying $800 - $1000 + for an iPhone, I could get a newer version of an LG or something like that. The prices are getting rediculous on the newer iPhones.

I’m looking forward to the arrival of the ConnectClip in the US. Let’s hope this is worth the wait!


Well, I bought a 3 month old Iphone 7 for 400 euro. The guy wanted a iphone X. The thing what I don’t like with the streamer things like the Connectclip, is that I have another thing to take with me. I have never used the remote mic thing.


@debbie_o You’ll need hands-free in the car. If the car can’t provide that, a connect clip will.

As to a used iphone, it is the way I went two years ago getting a 5S. The S series are newer hardware than the 5. This holds true for all S models and they get updates a year more than their standard counterpart.

The X is a really new idea with facial recognition instead of the fingerprint button and the X is button-less. There are complaints in reviews as it is something some people don’t care for. If you are going to iphone from android, it probably won’t be as annoying. So a used 7S would give you a comparable phone to the new 8’s and a long term upgrade path with IOS.

So, it is something to consider.