Connect Clip Definite release date



OK. Curious how Opns will work with CAPD. Seems like more directional hearing aids might offer an advantage. If Opns don’t work for you, Resound Linx 3D, Phone Clip and MultiMic might be worth looking at.


Hello. I have used the Agile Pro Connectline Lapel Mic occasionally in restaurant settings of 4 standing strait up in the middle of the table (max background noise switched on) or moved closer to the speaker with some success. Hopefully the ConnectClip will have a omni function, if not it will still have results for profound hearing loss.


That is unfortunate that it’s getting delayed still. The good news is that December is the last month of 2017 and there’s only so much delaying one can do in the year of 2017!!!


We finally got a price from our rep!


So December for sure? Any update on when in December?


Sadly no, still just mid december.


I hope I can get a blutooth dongle on my phone and use that clip. Making a call in a quiet room is ok, once in public I can’t properly use the phone…


Your phone doesn’t support Bluetooth?


POTS is what I gathered from his remark.


I don’t have a smart phone, and phones in the office are tricky.


It’s almost mid-December, any word on release in US? Hopefully the price isn’t in line with a low-end HA.

It will also be interesting to find out how well it handles the Android phones. I’m still on an iPhone 6+ . It would be nice to have a choice as well as the remote microphone option.


Not sure, but the hard-copy of Genie 2 with the update for it has arrived in the post and the on-line download has been available for a week or so now.


Looks like in the US Connect Clip will be released in January.

Scroll to the second to last paragraph.


Presumably they mean January of 2018. :>) They sure do not inspire confidence in meeting their self imposed deadlines.


Oticon also just posted bunch of videos on YouTube dated today (Dec. 11) regarding the connect clip so maybe it really will be Jan. 2018.


This is getting ridiculous


Any day decade now…


Fool me once, shame on me…


Oticon ConnectClip for OPN Hearing aids. NEW
A Bluetooth headset and wireless microphone in one

Our Price:
£169.99 (approx $228 USD, but no idea what the ‘real’ US pricing will be)


This seems to be a good price even with international shipping and FX costs? I wonder if USA audiologists and online sellers are able to sell locally and give better prices?