Connect Clip Definite release date



December 01, coupled with a Genie 2 Update on November 29th.

This is for the UK, apologies if this has already been stated elsewhere.


Oticon has said via email to one of our fellow members that Genie 2 would also be supporting Noahlink Wireless/Airlink 2 (same device) in mid November. I suspect that support for Noahlink Wireless will come with the Genie 2 Update on November 29th.

Since they already use FittingLINK 3.0 for their BLE wireless Opn’s that means we will have two methods for wireless programming the Opn’s. I’m guessing that nothing will change for Firmware updates still requiring a wired programming device for the job of updating the Opn Firmware.


I wonder what the release date will be in the US for Oticon’s ConnectClip?

It’s like waiting for “Grand Tour” (now slated to start Season 2 on Dec 8th). Waiting! Waiting! Waiting for the lads to return to Amazon Prime.


Does this Genie 2 update include the in situ audiogram capability? Or is that already in Genie today?


I don’t think in-situ is available in Genie 2 today. I looked for it and couldn’t find it. So I hope it’ll be in the update. I heard that it used to be in Genie before Oticon took it away for some reason.


Checked in with our rep today. Date for the US is still “sometime mid December” and still no price.


Thanks for the udpate. That’s a little disappointing that the US release date is after the UK release date, although considering that Oticon is based in Europe, I guess it makes sense.


I hope the ConnectClip will be released soon in December/January - am currently trying out Audeo B-Direct for my CAPD and am finding it a little troublesome that the Direct models do not support other Phonak accessories like the Roger Mic.

ConnectClip seems like it’d offer me the features I want with the least amount of accessories. At the moment if I stay with Phonak and switch to a non-direct model of the Audeo B line, I’m looking at at least getting a Roger receiver and Roger Pen, so two additional accessories to have FM like feature and be able to stream to phone while Opn and ConnectClip combo only requires one extra device.


I’m not sure what “one extra device” you’d be talking about. I don’t think the OPNs have any remote microphone that works with them or Connect Clip (although I don’t think we really know what the Connect Clips capabilities are. If you want phone and solid microphone connectivity, the Resound Linx 3D (or Forte through Costco), a Phone Clip and a MultiMic would do it.


The ConnectClip is advertised to work up to 20 meters away (66 feet), so in theory, you can give it to somebody to clip on or wear around your neck in a lecture or classroom or wherever and be able to hear them from far away. However, I don’t know how well it’ll pick up sound like at a meeting table as an omnidirectional device if you place it in the middle of a table. That remains to be seen.


@MDB this link seem to indicate the new ConnectClip is “all-in-one device” remote/mic/streaming

Unless, I’m reading it wrong?


I was unaware of that. Until we get some first hand experience, we really don’t know how well it work.


I suspect that it won’t work as well as the Roger pen in the sense that the Roger pen can beam form and pick up the signal from further than a couple of feet away, or act in omni mode and be placed in the middle of a large conference table and pick up voices all around the table.

I’m guessing that the ConnectClip will have to be in very close proximity of the speaker (either worn on them or placed on the table right in front of them a couple of feet away) in order for it to pick up sound well.


So do you know how this would work if you’re using the Connect Clip as a remote microphone and you receive a phone call on your Android phone?


Sorry, I don’t, but good question. In order to be used as a remote mic, I assume that there has to be a soft or hard switch somewhere to activate that functionality which in turn gives it priority over incoming phone calls.

And I know that Android phone users need the ConnectClip, but I just want to clarify the obvious just in case that the ConnectClip can be useful for iPhone users as well if they have regular BT devices they want to stream to their OPN like a non-Apple tablet, or a smart TV with BT support, or a PC with BT support. Even for PC without BT support, you can buy a USB dongle to connect to the PC and it’ll send signals to the ConnectClip for softphone apps like Skype or for just regular audio streaming from non BT devices. I guess in theory instead of buying a USB dongle, you can also buy a third party BT adapter for your TV or PC as well. Except a BT adapter would require that you speak into the PC mic while with the Oticon BT dongle, you can speak into the ConnectClip’s mic instead.


I agree the fact ConnectClip a clip-on probably means the range is small, but I’ll only need the mic once in a while so am looking for less add-ons than full-fledged microphone feature.


Just a thought since you have normal audiogram. Have you heard of the Roger Focus? It’s in Phonak’s pediatric products and is designed for children with normal audiograms, but with an auditory processing disorder. I think it works with all of the Roger products.


Maybe it’s because we don’t have an exclusive account with Phonak, but Roger equipment is ridiculously overpriced for us. I’m talking just as much as the hearing aid.


It’s ridiculously expensive here too. Increasingly Sonova seems to be securing its own supply lines direct to the customer and taking the profit at both levels of delivery.

Pricing competitive supply of their own products is just part of this, Roger and FM systems are hugely overpriced and overrated imho.


Yeah, Roger focus was offered as one of the options. It does cost nearly as much as a pair of low-end hearing aids, and that seems like a lot just to have FM feature.

My needs are mainly group/social settings, and FMs won’t really be suited in that regard.