Connect Clip & Android Phones

I’ve been contemplating getting a Coonect Clip for my OPN’s, however I’m also thinking about a new phone. Currently I have an iPhone 6+ and am considering an Android. I’ve had a few issues with the OPN’s and the iPhone, but minor issues.

Has anyone used an Android phone with the Connect Clip for phone calls and audio streaming? How is the call quality or would be I be better off to stay with an iPhone?

I use an LG V20 with the Connect Clip. Phone calls are very clear for me. Same with podcasts. Music is thin and a bit tinny for me, but probably accurately reproduced. I’m wearing open domes which doesn’t help with the bass. There are adjustments that the audiologist can make to boost the bass and make the sound fuller. That will probably happen for me tomorrow. Really, the main issue is having this thing you have to wear around your neck and charge every day.

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I bought a ConnectClip with my Opn aids, mainly to provide reliable remote control. The Android ON app is not reliable for that or any purpose. I have a LG Stylo 2 running Android 6. The ConnectClip has worked flawlessly. Quick to connect to phone and aids. Works well hands free for calls. But the real surprise is how well the microphone mode works in a noisy restaurant environment. I switch to the mic program and place the Clip in the center of the table. Much better comprehension.

Yes, you have to maintain charge on the Clip and also have it with you for streaming.

I did hear somewhere that Android 9 may support direct streaming like iPhone. Can’t find that link just now.

EDIT: Found link: Android Is Getting More Accessible With Support For Bluetooth Hearing Aids

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If you have (MFi) low power ) bluetooth aids, iOS will pair directly with the aids, in stereo. Some of those translator devices like Connect clip don’t transmit in stereo. so, if stereo is important to you, ask before you buy…

I have an older Droid Turbo running 6.0.1. Music streaming works great. Unfortunately, call quality (distortion) ranges from fair to inaudible. I’d love to hear there’s a software upgrade for the clip, but I’ve been unable to find anyone (including my audiologist) who has heard of the problem or of potential fixes. I plan to try the clip with a newer phone, and will post if I have good results. In the meantime, I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has an idea how to improve its performance with my current phone.

I get full stereo streaming on my ConnectClip running on my Android phone.

When I’m streaming audio on android, the big button on the Connect Clip only stops the music. Pressing the big button on Connect Clip doesn’t restart the music. Is this the case for everyone?

Yes. Unfortunately that is how it’s designed. I’m with you, I would like it to restart the music or audio book I’m listening to when I press it a second time.