Congress/President addressing HA's

An article in the NYT.

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Good article! Now if it only happens…

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I am not sure I want Washington meddling in the hearing aid industry. In the long run, federal meddling often causes costs, prices, and time to market to increase, not decrease.

If the HA business wasn’t so over-regulated already, I’d agree. In the unregulated market, you can sell anything. Some states require HIS to preform up to a year of apprenticeship. The idea is already beyond the normalcy. It is unlikely the Feds could muck it up worse. I offer that with a grain of salt but really what could make it worse than it is?

>> I offer that with a grain of salt but really what could make it worse than it is?
First change: This site can no longer display test results. HIPPA, you know.

Second change: All aids would have to have every feature ever put on any aid. All dispensers would have to offer any services, supplies or trial and replacement policies ever offered by any dispenser. No one would have the chance to buy a less expensive aid without tinnitus masking, for instance, even if he didn’t have tinnitus.

Wave goodbye to the manufacturers as they leave or no longer do business in the U.S.

Thats exactly it. Because if there were any diversity there would be the possibility of someone getting “tricked” into buying something that was either undercapable or overcapable for their needs. So we will just homogenize everything. And then because you will have 6 models available (ex. Alta2 Pro, Unique 440, Audeo V90, Muse i2400, Pure 7px, and Linx2 9) and they are all “premium” models, the prices will be a little lower than now (maybe) but will still be on the higher side. And the people who won’t be able to afford them will complain and then the government will have to subsidize them or mandate the pricing and mandate that people use them or get a ticket. and on and on and on.

Jakey, you know what the VA pays for aids – mox nix. And they compete for the VA business. Do you really think they’d leave their biggest market? If so, a Chinese firm would show up a week later. Do you really think the drug companies would quit the market if they couldn’t overprice their drugs here? What are you smoking, Jakey?

To the others, I’m not a fan of big government but how could they screw up the HA industry more than it is? Its totally non-competitive now.

It is always two step forward and one back on the best day in a government program. The present findings are to eliminate parts of the “medical device” protection – not add to it. They do get it right once in a while.

The problem with our Health care system is Obama Care. It has destroyed our health care even worse. The cost of insurance have gone up and the services have gotten worse, and the drug prices have gone through the roof. But for me I am so glad I and go to the VA if my wife and I both had to go to the public doctors we could not pay for it.

Chuck, It isn’t Obama Care. It is the Affordable Care Act. Isn’t that a hoot?

Same thing. I wanted to say something else but I have decided not to curse.

kennie, you know the gov never regulates itself. Gov employees don’t do social security, don’t do Obama care, etc… Did your grandfather ever think GM would go belly or steel would mostly come from China? Would he recognize Detroit or think he woke up in eastern Berlin in the 50’s.