Confusing choices for new Hearing Aids



I agree that CR said a difference of 4 points is not significant. But if you look at the categories that were consumer rated there is a significant difference TO ME. I am not sure how a user can rate a hearing aid unless they have used them all within a short period of time so that the hearing loss is the same. Within those 4 points there are many that have down arrows and some double down arrows. All hearing aids have down arrows for battery life. Phonak has no other down arrows. So it is my personal choice that I like the one that has no other down arrows.
So far I am very pleased with the Phonak hearing aids.


You know, I have the same problems as you and I am not new to wearing hearing aids,speech is a big problem for me,if i adjust the background noise it seems to lower people voices too! i don’t want louder I want clearer,my hope is I will find the right hearing aids someday.


szcas, I am curious what brand you wear? I had the same problem with my Bernafon Junas I currently have been wearing 3+ years and the Phonak Brio3 and the new Bernafon Zerena that I trialed recently. I found the Costco KS8 did a good job keeping the voices clear and the background noise very low. My only concerns about them were the mfi connection was not reliable and background noise was over suppressed to the point I could not determine directional sound source. May be just an adjustment or 2 but it was not comforting not hearing birds, etc when walking my dog. I have a trial scheduled in a week or 2 with the Resound Forte and can give an update afterwards.


Yes, I understand. That’s a reasonable approach but still not foolproof. I agree that a user cannot compare hearing aids without trying them out under similar conditions and close in time to one another. Worse yet, as I’ve tried various brands of hearing aids (over a short period of time), I still find it close to impossible to notice any significant differences. They all help some, but I have never really been satisfied with any of the ones I’ve tried, including the ones I finally ended up buying eight years ago. It’s all very frustrating (and depressing), and now I’m going through the same thing again, trying to find some new technology that will make things better.


I am far from an expert having only tried two different brands those being the Brio 2 and currently the Zerena 9. Personally I like the Zerena better and I think it gives a little better speech in noise than the Brio 2. I say “think” because it has been a year since I trialed the Brio and it wasn’t that it was bad. The Compilot accessory for the Brio 2 was horrible in my opinion and the BT on the Zerena is flawless. The Zerena actually has separate programs for Conversation in Noise, Comfort in Loud Noise and Music but I have not found these to be any better than the “auto” program.

My HA’s work fine for listening to tv news and sports but for movies I still prefer to use wireless headphones. I wear them for music listening and it is satisfactory but I only listen to oldies so listening through a tin can would probably suffice.

My personal opinion is that all of the premium aids are probably about the same despite some of the claims of the manufacturers. I have come to the realization that they are just an “aid” and not meant to be a direct substitution for normal hearing. That may sound obvious but having read many posts I still think some people, especially those who are new to HA’s, have unrealistic expectations, I did.

After wearing the Zerena’s for a few months I have become so used to them that I forget I have them in my ears. I have actually worn them into the shower on occasion only to realize that the water seemed louder than normal.

One final note on the Zerena 9. I mistakenly ordered the model with the t-coil only to discover that it is a little larger, in part because it has two buttons instead of one. I have zero use for the t-coil so I am exchanging them for the smaller model. It is not a big difference but when compared side by side it is very obvious. This is one example of smaller being better.


Every time I open this thread, I receive more worthwhile information and opinions.
As a result, I now have arranged a longer trial of the Bernafon Zerena’s after I complete my trial of the Resound Forte’s. I will provide an update on the trials once they have been completed.
In the meantime, I appreciate hearing any suggestions anyone may have.


My gut feel is that the Zerena is a close cousin to the Sonic Enchant 100 because those two companies are sister companies under the same parent holding group Williams Demant and those two models got released very closely in time frame.

If you don’t find much review of the Zerena here on this forum, there’s a review on the Enchant here. Maybe you’ll find it helpful to draw comparison to the Zerena from the Enchant review.